Sail Knife For All Cases

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Sail Knife For All Cases
Sail Knife For All Cases

Video: Sail Knife For All Cases

Video: Sail Knife For All Cases

Sail knives have to do a lot more on board than just cut a bread roll in half. Cut the rope to length, for example. Differences can then already be seen. Depending on the material of the line, the result can be one way or the other: If it takes a long time and the line is completely frayed afterwards, it would be time to sharpen it - or to think about buying another knife.

Boat knife details Messer-Test 2020 JKu_1620
Boat knife details Messer-Test 2020 JKu_1620

Well protected: In order not to injure when not in use, the test knives with fixed blades are provided with a protective cover

For the test, we have brought together many different and many new models: from pocket knives with foldable blades to sailors' knives specially designed for rope work, a specimen specially designed for splicing work, to emergency knives.

You can click directly on products marked with * and purchase them via the link provided.

We tested these sail knives:

  • D-Splicer D-Ceramic C20 *
  • Fox Knives sail knife of the German Navy
  • Herbertz Sailor Knife *
  • Loewen sailor knife
  • Mac Sailing Knife Boat2
  • Mac sailing knife B91 / 5
  • Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 *
  • Wichard Offshore *

We have tested these rescue knives:

  • Mac sailor knife Nostromo *
  • RRK Race Rescue Knife
  • Wichard emergency knife *

How the candidates fared and which knife is best suited for the respective purpose can be read in YACHT, issue 3/2021. The booklet is available in the DK shop, or you can download the test directly from the link below

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