America's Cup: Sailing Will Start Again On Saturday

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America's Cup: Sailing Will Start Again On Saturday
America's Cup: Sailing Will Start Again On Saturday

Video: America's Cup: Sailing Will Start Again On Saturday

Video: America's Cup: Sailing Will Start Again On Saturday
Video: Americas Cup 2021 - About to start! 2023, April

The dispute between the organizer of the PradCup, the qualification of the challengers, and the Italian team LunRoss seems to have been settled. On Saturday there will be sailing again, two races a day, until one of the two challengers, along with the Italians, the British, has achieved seven victories. The Italians lead 4-0.

The cup organizer actually wanted to postpone the races for a week due to a corona outbreak in New Zealand until only warning level 1 would apply to Auckland. This would have made it possible, as before, to allow a large audience, combined with corresponding income.

But the Italian team LunRos did not want to know anything about it, insisted on the agreed dates and was apparently able to prevail. The Italians wanted to use their winning streak, and more light winds are predicted for the weekend that have been better for them than the British so far.

The organizer had to give in, but is obviously not amused by that. In a statement, America's Cup Events chairwoman TinSymmans said, "This is a disappointing situation. We have been working very hard since Sunday on behalf of everyone in Auckland and all of the Kiwis to give the Challenger of Record the opportunity to give, to show honor and respect for this country and to postpone the PradCup until we have a better chance that everyone can enjoy it and benefit from it. Obviously they have the words of their boss Patrizio Bertelli (team owner of LunRoss and Prada boss, d. Red.) at the opening press conference who talked about how privileged everyone is to be in Auckland without significant Covid restrictions and that therefore everyone has a responsibility to show great athleticism so that the PradCup can be a major sporting event."

Symmans becomes even clearer: "This plea fell on deaf ears, and it is clear that their focus is solely on LunRoss, who is supposed to win the PradCup, and not on the welfare of the country that has worked so hard to be able to be to stage this event."

As long as the Corona warning level 2 applies as it does now, viewers have to be largely left out. The restrictions are as follows:

Racetracks B and C (close to the shore) are not used to reduce the likelihood of large public gatherings on land. No public viewing such as dock-out shows or public demonstrations of races in the Race Village. Gatherings of 100 people maximum at the America's Cup Race Village or at public viewing points for spectators in Auckland Limited activities in the Race Village with no more than 100 people. Two meters of physical distance and face masks recommended. All bars, restaurants and cafes around the Race Village can remain open according to the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 Level 2 guidelines. The public is reminded to always scan the NZCOVID19 Tracer app

The fifth race between LunRoss and Ineos Team UK starts on Saturday at 4:15 p.m. New Zealand time and 4:15 a.m. on Saturday morning in Germany. All races are broadcast live free of charge and are on the Cup website, on Youtube as Facebook to pursue. No extra app is required for mobile devices. The reps should be made available on these channels immediately after the end of each race.

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