These Are The Winners Of The YACHT Advent Calendar 2020

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These Are The Winners Of The YACHT Advent Calendar 2020
These Are The Winners Of The YACHT Advent Calendar 2020

Video: These Are The Winners Of The YACHT Advent Calendar 2020

Video: These Are The Winners Of The YACHT Advent Calendar 2020
Video: Maybelline Advent Calendar 2020 - (What A Disaster!) | Vasilikis Beauty Tips 2023, March

Practical accessories, sustainable clothing and, as the main prize, two Quatix 6 Titanium GPS smartwatches from Garmin. In addition, a rubber dinghy, binoculars, wine packages, shoes and vouchers were in the raffle.

All winners have been drawn and have already been notified by our partners:

BoatOfficer Blue including accessories Michael D. from Flechtinge

Handmade table from Classic Sport Line MichaelB. from Villingen-Schwenninge

A travel set from Oceanwell Richard S. from Wuppertal Edgar F. from Berlin Andre S. from Duisburg AnnikM. from Bremen Marc L. from Bremen EvH. from Zwickau Alfred P. from Berlin JoanS. from Oranienburg NinS. from Berlin NadjL. from Annweile

Sustainable sailing jacket from 4seBerlin Mendel B. from Hamburg Torsten P. from Lübeck Walter G. from Walchwi

Wine tasting package from the Hagnau winegrowing association Bernhard A. from Moormerland CorneliH. from Reutlingen Patrik Andre T. from Lette b. Oelde TanjS. from Heilbronn Dennis M. from Renningen Peter R. from Neumünster Walter L. from Hattstedt Markus S. from Basel Christian K. from Waldkirch Christian S. from Freibur

Fender design voucher for individual fender covers Markus W. from Eppingen Stefan G. from Kaiserslautern Simone M. from Großefehn Friederike O. from Nordhastedt Jakob S. from Meitinge

LED recessed light set from Prebit Jannis G. from Fronreute Klaus-Dieter H. from Schweri

Honda BF2.3DH four-stroke outboard engine Renate S. from Hilde

Boat assortment voucher from FirmHerm. Sprenger, worth € 300 AnnikS. from Stuttgart Ralph F. from Munic

Casolux LED light set by B. I. S. Electronics Rudi G. from Sindelfinge

Men's wristwatch Newport Chrono by Michel Herbelin Andreas H. from Lichtentann

A day with Doctor Boat from Vosschemie Jürgen M. from Hanove

A pair of AnutISLAND sneakers from 8bft Hamburg LenM. from Buchenberg Thomas K. from Hanover Peter S. from Heidweiler Marcel H. from Rhod

SKOTTI gas grill including gas cartridge from Vennskap Armin D. from Nuremberg Stefan S. from Wetzlar Kai D. from Laatze

Denqbar inverter power generator DQ-2000 Christin V. from Munic

Maritime backpack incl. Keyring from Nautic One Frank J. from Königs Wusterhausen Silke H. from Saarlouis Daniel M. from Muld

DSV binoculars by MINOX InS. from Hambur

A tableware set from the Bali series by Living & Sea Ingrid S. from Hauzenber

SprayMax paint repair system package á 140 € from Kwasny Reinhard D. from Bissendorf Markus D. from Braunschweig E. H. from Ammerthal Tom J. from Hanove

Connect it Boat Box powered by Ferropilot Margit R. from Pegnitz MichaelH. from Dautmergen Peter P. from Hambur

A. W. gift voucher Niemeyer, worth € 500 Frank T. from Bad Sulz

Delius Klasing book packages / calendar 2021 Sabine K. from Bruchsal (BOOTE calendar) Sabine L. from Heikendorf (Franco Pace calendar) Claas F. from Hamburg (SURF calendar) Taeufer T. from Langenargen (Horizons Calendar) ClaudiK. from Waltrop (Iceland Calendar) Ursel P. from Sonneberg (DK book package) Richard Michael M. from Vienna (DK book package) Ingo M. from Oberstenfeld (DK book package

Quicksilver inflatable boat Tendy from Brunswick Marine Stephan K. from Landschlach

Quatix 6 Titanium Smartwatch from Garmin RoswithS. from Liezen Theo H. from Bottrop

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