Lectures And Anticipation

Classic 2023

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Lectures And Anticipation
Lectures And Anticipation

Video: Lectures And Anticipation

Video: Lectures And Anticipation
Video: Anticipation 2023, March

The evening, on which a colorful program around the thematic classic yacht sport is offered, will take place for the first time in the Miralles Hall in Hamburg's youth music school on Mittelweg. The Circle of Friends also explicitly invites interested parties who are not members to this "extended family meeting". Regatta retrospectives and outlooks, restoration and journey reports, musical as well as culinary delights enrich the evening.

Demanding program

Once again, the organizers went to great lengths to bring joy to all of their guests' senses. In addition to eating, drinking, background music and the atmosphere that quickly sets in among like-minded people who can dive back into the world of classics in the middle of the winter break, this is done through a wide variety of lectures for the eyes and ears.

Filmmaker Tom Nitsch contributes impressive sailing scenes under the title "Telegrams of Salt & Soul", the photographers Nico Krauss and Sören Hese take you with an opulent picture show to the Classic Week, which took place last summer after five years. There will also be reports from the classic scene in southern Germany and from the future workshop of the Freundeskreis.

In addition, a folk boat owner talks about life with and passion for her old wooden boat. And finally Patrick Howald, owner of the twelve "Vim" and vice-president of the international twelve-class association ITM and responsible for Northern Europe, will give a lecture on the development of the 12-mR Baltic Sea fleet and the class world championship that will take place in Helsinki next August.

Coveted prices

In addition, numerous coveted prizes will be awarded that evening. The best seasonal performance at sea is awarded the "Ostseepokal". The results of the regattas Max Oertz, The Run, Classic Week, Svendborg and German Classics are included in the evaluation.

Who, when, where?

The winter meeting will take place next Saturday, February 1st from 7 p.m. in the Miralles-Saal of the Hamburg youth music school, Mittelweg 42. Admission is free, registration is not required, every classic fan is welcome.

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