Winter Work On The Underwater Hull

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Winter Work On The Underwater Hull
Winter Work On The Underwater Hull

Video: Winter Work On The Underwater Hull

Video: Winter Work On The Underwater Hull
Video: 75 000 h.p. The Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker 75 000 л.с. Атомный Ледокол Ямал 2023, March

On Friday, January 17th, the clubhouse of the Altona-Oevelgönne Sailing Association will be open to visitors to the 2nd edition of the "Hamburg Restoration Talks".

About the evening, to which non-members are also cordially invited, the organizers say: After the well-attended kick-off last November, January will be about "winter work in the underwater area". Two short presentations by experts from Panterund Toplicht are in preparation for an introduction. After that, the focus is on exchanging experiences. All participants have the opportunity to ask relevant questions about problems from practice, to present proven solutions and to share experience."

The series of events is aimed primarily at owners who carry out, have carried out or are planning maintenance work, conversions and dismantling, repairs or restorations on classics, but also to boat builders and skilled tradesmen, who would also outsource the pending work, according to the FKY.

Already a complete success

The Freundeskreis reports on the first restoration conversation: The opening event in November had almost 40 participants, about a third of whom did not come from the immediate vicinity of the Freundeskreis. After a brief presentation of the event concept by the organization team, SandrClausen-Maerz and Carsten Maerz reported on the restoration of their boats using many photos using a beamer - the Spitzgatter SY "INGELIL" and the 13-meter sea cruiser "STURMVOGEL", which is known on the Elbe Year of manufacture 1925.

During the introductory round of the participants, a number of questions about the core topic of maintenance and restoration arose, which were lively discussed over an after-work drink in the maritime ambience of the SVAOe clubhouse on the Elbe. Thanks to the committed contributions of experienced owners, boat builders and specialists, many questions could be answered immediately.

Registration is required

For reasons of space, the number of participants is limited - please register by January 15, 2020 by email at [email protected], you will then be confirmed immediately.

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