Insurance Money If The Engine Goes On Strike

Insurance Money If The Engine Goes On Strike
Insurance Money If The Engine Goes On Strike

Video: Insurance Money If The Engine Goes On Strike

Video: Insurance Money If The Engine Goes On Strike
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Although the numbers are falling, problems with the engine were again the most common cause on sports boats in 2019, which resulted in the deployment of sea rescuers for sailors and motorboat drivers. This can be seen from the statistics on the causes of the accident, which can be read in the YACHT currently available in stores (issue 3/2020).

The problem has now also been recognized by the largest boat insurance provider in this country. More than 250 damage to boat engines were reported to the Hamburg policy broker Pantaenius last year. For this reason, an addition to the comprehensive insurance called "Motorschutz plus" should now protect owners more extensively than before from the financial consequences of the most important causes of damage. The additional offer also covers damage caused by operating errors, including incorrect fueling.

Holger Flindt, head of the Pantaenius claims department, explains:

"Engine dealers are only liable for material and manufacturing defects that existed at least initially at the time of purchase. However, the statutory warranty period ends after 24 months. The guarantee, as a voluntary service by the manufacturer, usually ends after a maximum of five years. Outside the warranty period or the guarantee period, the owner is not entitled to a replacement in the event of material or manufacturing defects. Our new product Motor Protection Plus not only offers a remedy here, but goes well beyond the services that boat owners claim in the context of warranty or guarantee can take."

The Pantaenius additional cover Motor Protection Plus is available for boats and yachts up to ten years of age and covers damage caused by material, manufacturing or construction errors as well as damage caused by operating errors. Because in these cases the owner has neither the right to repair or improvement by the dealer, nor warranty claims against the manufacturer.

The insurance also covers damage to the machinery and tanks caused by incorrectly refueling with water or fuel. Flindt:

"Even if many skippers are convinced that such a mistake could not happen to them, we recorded around 30 cases of incorrect fueling in the last year. Motor and sailing boat owners are equally affected by this."

However, the additional protection from Pantaenius is not available free of charge. The machine damage extension for a 36-foot high-volume sailing yacht, for example, costs 180 euros a year. And the insurance broker does not sell such a product exclusively either. Some other policy brokers and agents have similar extensions for the boat engine on offer, some of which are even free in the first few years and - depending on the provider - also available for ships over ten years old.

Broker Andreas Medicus, managing director of the Hamburg yacht insurance Schomacker, says:

"The machine should also be covered by an all-risk insurance policy. This means that almost all eventualities are insured - including incorrectly refueling a yacht. Diesel in the water tank is often covered by the all-risk insurance under the comprehensive insurance, but water in the diesel tank affects the machine Facility, that's what the machine damage cover is for."

Medicus points out that machine damage cover has been in the offer of Hamburger Yacht-Versicherung for many years and is included in the boat insurance policy for three years for all new yachts at no additional cost. After that, the customer can decide whether he wants to continue to have the protection, which, however, entails a surcharge.

As with all other boat insurances, owners also have to compare different offers and prices with regard to machine damage cover before signing the contract. The scope and exclusions can vary widely from insurer to insurer.

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