Small Boats For Little Money

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Small Boats For Little Money
Small Boats For Little Money

Video: Small Boats For Little Money

Video: Small Boats For Little Money
Video: The BEST SMALL FISHING BOAT that money can buy!!! (Twin Troller X10 Review) 2023, October

It's the appeal of the compact format and the versatility that goes with it. Conceptually located somewhere between a dinghy and a yacht, small and easily transportable cabin cruisers offer an extremely wide range of possible uses. And: It is also easy for beginners to use it and experience sailing fun.

With a four-part series, the YACHT is currently dealing with topics relating to the smallest class of keel boats suitable for touring. The series started in the last issue 15/2020 with a current market overview of the small cruisers currently to be bought and continues in the new YACHT 16/2020 with an overview of cheaper, used boats.

Because it doesn't have to be a new boat - especially to get started. Used small cruisers are just as much fun after work at the lake as they are on vacation trips along the coast, and they are available for a few thousand euros. They are trailerable, so they can be used flexibly and can be found from comfortable to sporty.

The market overview shows popular and proven boats from 17 to 25 feet and lists the advantages and disadvantages of the individual models. There are also tips for more comfort in confined spaces.

Part 2 of the series can be found in the new YACHT 16/2020. The magazine is available in the DK shop, right here as a digital edition, or you can download the market overview directly from the link below

The topics of the four-part small cruiser series at a glance:

NEW BOATS (YACHT 15/2020) What the current market offers and what buyers should look out fo

USED BOATS (YACHT 16/2020) Which second-hand cruisers are traded a lot and what makes them specia