The Big Oilskin Test: Ten Models For The Coastal Area

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The Big Oilskin Test: Ten Models For The Coastal Area
The Big Oilskin Test: Ten Models For The Coastal Area

Video: The Big Oilskin Test: Ten Models For The Coastal Area

Video: The Big Oilskin Test: Ten Models For The Coastal Area
Video: Traditional Oilskin bedroll, Whelen tarp & Canoe voyagers kit - Steven Le Say 2023, March

When it rains, wind and water come from below, the right oilskin is crucial. We have tested ten models especially for tours in the coastal area, here is an excerpt from the report in YACHT 09/2020, which is completely available for download (see below). The products differ from offshore oilskins in their features - the coastal version usually does not have such a high collar - and in the price, which is cheaper for the coastal oilskin. For sailing trips on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the coastal clothing is sufficient.

Sailors who are also out and about in winter or who do not have a port day in the most adverse conditions are well advised to look at the offshore range of oilskin manufacturers for better comfort, even if it then becomes more expensive.

That's how we tested

After the last test, manufacturers and readers often asked why we didn't go sailing for the test. On board, so the idea, there would be realistic conditions, which would then deliver the supposedly most meaningful results. However, these results are very dependent on the prevailing weather. In bright sunshine, there are no usable results at all. In addition, the weather could change over the course of the day, which would mean that there would not be constant test conditions for all products. That is why we test clothing in a reproducible test setup in the editorial office.

The essential components are a try-on with constantly repeated sequences of movements to determine the fit and freedom of movement, as well as a leak test with a simulated rain shower in the shower.

So the models cut off


The Ocean Pro Coastal is cut very wide and somewhat misshapen. The hood turned out to be quite short, in connection with the wide collar this caused water ingress. Warm pockets with fleece on the trousers

09 Oil kit AWN 20200324_143759
09 Oil kit AWN 20200324_143759

AWN Ocean Pro

Per: Heat pockets on the trousers, easily adjustable cuffs, thinly lined jacket pocket

Cons: Hood is a little too small, collar is quite wide, water ingress on colla


The Coastal Tech is cut wide but fits well. The jacket * is very long. The hood didn't turn well. The adjustment is notchy. The new oilskin * smelled unpleasant, points deducted because of it.

09 Oilskins Compass 20200324_144106
09 Oilskins Compass 20200324_144106

Compass Coastal Tech

Per: Wide cut, good fit, cuffs seal wel

Cons: Patch pockets without drainage, no heat pockets, heat pockets on the trousers (under the jacket), oilskins now smells very unpleasan


The OS3 oilskin * fits very well and guarantees excellent freedom of movement. The hood offers intuitive adjustment and a good view. The processing is strikingly high quality with attention to detail

09 Oilskin Gill 20200324_142643
09 Oilskin Gill 20200324_142643

Gill OS3

Per: Very good fit and adjustment, very good freedom of movement, intuitively adjustable hood, high-quality workmanship, cozy, high collar, good detail


The Salt Power Jacket * and the Pier Bib * were in the test. Both pieces of clothing fit very well and offer a lot of freedom of movement. The reinforcements on the knees are ergonomically shaped. Arm cuffs just simple

09 Oilskins Helly Hansen 20200324_143628
09 Oilskins Helly Hansen 20200324_143628

Helly Hansen Salt Power and Pier Bib

Per: Very good fit, lots of freedom of movement, intuitively adjustable hood, high colla

Cons: Simple cuffs that are not completely tight, no warm pocket


The Med series oilskins are the lightest in the test and are accordingly compact. It offers a good fit and a lot of freedom of movement. It is the only one in the test that does not have a fleece-lined collar

09 Oilskins Marinepool 20200324_143928
09 Oilskins Marinepool 20200324_143928

Marinepool Med

Per: Very light, lots of freedom of movement, good fit, packs in a space-saving manne

Cons: No fleece in the collar, simple cuffs without rubber coatin


The BR2 Coastal * jacket is cut rather tight. The BR2 Offshore * pants are quite wide and have very thick, fleece-lined warm pockets. The elastic to adjust the hood tore off when adjusting

09 Oilskin Musto 20200324_143306
09 Oilskin Musto 20200324_143306

Musto BR2 Coastal

Per: Heat pockets on jacket and trousers, reflectors on arms and shoulders, easily adjustable cuffs, easy-to-use pocket on the le

Cons: Collar a little tight with stowed hood, elastic band for hood adjustment torn of


The Coastal Sidney oilskin * is quite wide and misshapen. The hood is very large, but it obstructs the view a little when the head is turned. The cuffs are easily adjustable. The processing could be better

09 Oilskins Crazy for Sailing navyline 20200324_143057
09 Oilskins Crazy for Sailing navyline 20200324_143057

Yachticon / Crazy 4 Sailing Coastal-Sidney *

Per: Easily adjustable cuffs, very large inside pocket in the mesh lining, warm pockets on the jacke

Cons: Hood obstructs the view, leg pocket without drainage, mediocre workmanshi


The Activ ’sits well, but is a bit far. But XL was also delivered. So it turns out small. The trousers have a detachable bib, the jacket has a surge protector to button. Most expensive oilskin in the test

09 Oilskin Plastimo 20200324_142930
09 Oilskin Plastimo 20200324_142930

Plastimo Activ '

Per: Good fit, very high collar with an even higher storm flap, convertible pants, hood offers good protection and visibility, many practical pocket

Cons: High pric


The CS2 Coastel is quite wide, but offers good freedom of movement. The hood can only be adjusted with two hands on each side and offers little protection on the sides. Simple oilskins at a reasonable price, hence the price-performance winner in the test

09 Oil kit Seatec SVB 20200324_144301
09 Oil kit Seatec SVB 20200324_144301

Seatec CS2 Coastel

Per: Good freedom of movement, easily adjustable and sealing cuffs, fair pric

Cons: Cumbersome hood adjustment, pants wide on the leg, tight on the chest, no warm pocket


The jacket * and pants of the Kiama series * offered a very good fit and a lot of freedom of movement in the test. The oilskin has many well-divided, easy-to-use pockets. Despite a slight deduction because of the hood: test winner!

09 Oilskin Zhik 20200324_143438
09 Oilskin Zhik 20200324_143438

Zhik Kiama

Per: Very good fit, lots of freedom of movement, hood offers good visibility, high, fleece-lined collar, many easy-to-use pocket

Cons: Hood rubs a little on the forehea

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The complete test with further information on buying oilskins is still available as a PDF download. In addition: Other personal equipment that sailors need:

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