Yacht Charter Italy: Elba And The Tuscan Archipelago

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Yacht Charter Italy: Elba And The Tuscan Archipelago
Yacht Charter Italy: Elba And The Tuscan Archipelago

Video: Yacht Charter Italy: Elba And The Tuscan Archipelago

Video: Yacht Charter Italy: Elba And The Tuscan Archipelago
Video: Italy Sailing Vlog | Elba 2019 (Donati Films) 2023, October

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The area is predestined for Arrival by car (or bus). Most of the crews then take a boat off Mainland and sail across; the car is left in a parking lot (approx. 10 to 15 euros / day). If you continue to the island of Elbwill, you drive from Piombino on the ferry (e.g. Moby Lines) and further to Portoferraio; Costs about 25 euros / person. and about 70 euros for the car. The prices vary greatly depending on the season, day and time. It is best to book tickets in advance via the Internet, then they are significantly cheaper than if they were first purchased on site. It is best to book the departure time in advance in the high season, otherwise the places may be occupied. Arrival by plane is hardly possible from Germany to Elbdirekt, usually you have to go over Pisa or fly to Florence. Crew transfer by minibus to Piombino for four people approx. 140 euros and around 1.5 hours, transfer by train from Pisca. 2.5 hours.

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The largest fleets are in on the mainland Piombino, Scarlino or PuntAla stationed on Elbe itself less fleets, most recently Sun Charter and Patrice Buechi were in Portoferraio on site. Accordingly, more crews start from the mainland than directly on the island. From the mainland it is about 8 to 15 miles to Portoferraio, depending on the port of departure. If you start from the island, you have to plan time and money for the ferry trip from Piombino. In summer the ferries are full (see arrival).


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Weather statistics Elba


In the summer months mostly blow weak to moderate westerly and northwesterly winds. Southeasterly winds are rarer. Elbe is considered to be Light wind area, even longer lulls are not uncommon. If a low pressure area moves across the Gulf of Genoa, strong winds from the southwest, the Libeccio, can also occur. Beware of the mistral. But it is well predicted by the weather services, and you can be prepared for it if you listen to the report every day, which is important. Good mistral wind forecasts at www.meteofrance.com/ previsions-meteo-marine / cotes. The mistral can sometimes blow weaker with 4 to 6 Beaufort and is then welcome as a good sailing wind. Very threatening strong mistral, often sets in Run to the rather few safe havens of Elbein, then you should make a reservation or be there early, preferably by noon.


The area is navigational uncomplicated, Shallows are usually quite well accentuated. The biggest challenge in the area is to plan the occasional mistral in good time, which can blow stormily, even in summer (see weather). Therefore, do not be lulled by the calm weather and always get the forecast.

In Italy, yachts must be anchored 200 meters from the beach and 100 meters to rocky coast adhere to. Bathing beaches are often with in summer Floating lines delimited. You can land with the dinghy through concrete corridors. Various anchoring and sailing bans apply in Portoferraios Bay due to ferry traffic. There is in the district a whole range of nature reservesthat entail restrictions or even bans on calling (e.g. islands of Pianosa, Gorgon or Montecristo). Information for Caprai and the protected areas: www.islepark.gov.it. Crews in Italy should adhere to the requirements, there are random checks, and sometimes sensitive fines are issued

On Corsica are also Restricted areas marked with yellow buoys, unfortunately partly spacious. But hardly a local sticks to it. Important: Do not anchor in seagrass fields, this is forbidden in Corsica.


Depending on the yacht's draft, there are four to six ports on the Elbe, one each on Caprai and Giglio, and four or five other attractive destinations on the opposite mainland coast. All ports are with Mooring lines equipped. A Registration VHF when entering is recommended, Marineros will then assign seats. In the summer season there is sometimes a shortage of space, e.g. on Capraia, but also on Elba. Reserving berths is definitely recommended, as it takes the pressure off the crew. The place then usually has to be paid for online before it appears. Sometimes charter companies help and make reservations for customers! Must be in summer for a 45-foot ship with a demurrage fee of around 100 euros be expected. The sanitary facilities are not always the best. There are enough anchorages in calm weather. However, when mistral blows, swell renders many of it unusable. Central web link for the Corsican ports: www.uppc.fr. Unfortunately there is no similar Italian address.


Rod Heikell: Coastal Guide Italy, Edition Maritim. K.-J. Röhrig: Corsica / Sardinia / Elba, Delius Klasing. Nauticard sports boat cards: Übersegler 1011, detailed cards 4001 and 4002.


One of the classic Car arrival areas of the Mediterranean is this archipelago off the coast of Tuscany. It is just 790 kilometers from Munich to Piombino, one of the classic starting ports for the area. Before that, the islands load Elba, Capraia, Giglio last but not least Corsicathat many crews use at least for a detour to the east coast to Bastin, for island hopping. Many crews start from the mainland, but don't stay there long mostly circumnavigate Elba with a detour to either Capraia, Giglio or the large neighboring island of Corsica

The hilly islands offer typical Italian flair beautiful old town harborslike that of the almost glamorous Portoferraio on Elba, where mega yachts cavort in summer, smaller places like MarcianMarin or Porto Azzuro. A marketplace with the colorful Italian houses with this typical light patina, a few shops, nice trattorias, restaurants, bars and cafes, where the Italians, carefully styled, stroll long into the late evening. Your whole own charm have the very pretty islets Caprai or Giglio. Because of its little ports it is Big rush, you won't always get a place, but when the weather is calm there are enough anchorages, sometimes also buoys (exception: strong mistral; then in many bays Swell, see weather and seamanship)

A special pleasure is that Change to Corsicawhich is done in a couple of hours. Basti with its great old town and the historic harbor is definitely worth a detour. To swap French lifestyle for Italian for a day is quite appealing.

The Tuscanist not a cheap area, The mooring fees for a 43-foot ship hit the 100-euro mark more often in summer. Marineros who actively help with mooring are a matter of course, but very good sanitary facilities are not always. The Italian cuisine, on the other hand, is available in a wide variety of price levels, expensive restaurants at a high level are just as available as cheaper trattorias.

For the Tuscan Islands, if there is no mistral blowing, they tend to be on in the summer Beginner-friendly light wind area are. However, in the July and August also full, When the many boats from the mainland head for the islands, the space in the harbors is sometimes scarce and the bays are crowded. But if you can come to terms with it or come in the off-season, you can experience a typically Italian area with a lot of charm with a very cheap journey here.