Croatia In Times Of Corona

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Croatia In Times Of Corona
Croatia In Times Of Corona

Whether yacht owner or charterer, the Adriatic Sea, namely the coast of Croatia and its offshore islands, has been the undisputed favorite area of most German and Austrian Mediterranean sailors for many years. Accordingly, ports and bays were regularly full, especially in the high season from mid-June to the end of August. This year, however, there is no trace of the hustle and bustle.

The corona pandemic did not hit the country as badly as many other countries - not least thanks to quick and rigorous measures by the Croatian government; People and the economy also suffer from the consequences of the restrictions on the Adriatic. Among other things, tourism and with it sailing came to a complete standstill.

When Croatia finally reopened its borders, the area presented itself to the few who went there from a long-forgotten side: calm, relaxed, original. Vid Slapnicar, who has been sailing the coasts of Slovenia and Croatia for 30 years, went on a trip for us. He says he has rediscovered his homeland, almost as he knows it from his childhood - when today's mass tourism had not yet reached the country.

Slapnicar's thoroughly unusual trip report can now be read in the YACHT (issue 17/2020, can be ordered here as a print and digital edition). Or you download the article directly from the link below

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