Insurance For Sailors

Insurance For Sailors
Insurance For Sailors

Video: Insurance For Sailors

Video: Insurance For Sailors

International travel health insurance Covers costs that arise as part of medical treatment during a trip abroad and that are not covered by your home health insurance company. Those with private health insurance usually do not need them, as their insurance cover usually extends to other countries as well.

Occupational disability insurance Private coverage in the event that the insured person can no longer work as a result of an accident or serious illness.

Boat liability insurance Pay for property damage and personal injury caused by the skipper or crew to third parties. The sum insured should be a flat rate of at least four million euros. It is important that damage that crew members cause each other while sailing is not excluded in the policy. There are favorable contracts for dinghies.

Boat insurance Is responsible for damage to your own ship, accessories and personal effects as a result of fire, theft, grounding, collision, broken mast, vandalism, storm, etc. Exclusions are possible. For dinghies, only a special form, total loss insurance, usually makes sense.

Charter cancellation insurance / charter consequential loss insurance Protects the charter crew from claims by the fleet operator if the chartered ship is damaged on the trip and is therefore not available to a subsequent crew or is not available in good time. The term charter cancellation insurance is actually not correct in this context; strictly speaking, it is insurance for the fleet operator who is supposed to protect them from loss of income if a charter suddenly fails. Nevertheless, the term default insurance is often used as a synonym for consequential loss insurance.

Charter deposit insurance Protects the crew from the loss of the deposit if the charter ship is damaged during the cruise.

Passenger accident insurance Similar to the car, it protects the fellow sailors from financial burdens resulting from an accident on board. Before concluding, it is essential to check whether the way to the ship and the shore leave during a trip are covered by the policy.

Private liability insurance It takes over when injured third parties assert legitimate claims against the insured. Damage resulting from owning your own boat is usually not covered or only covered up to a certain boat size.

Private accident insurance Protects the insured against the financial consequences of an accident that are not covered by health insurance or health insurance. Some of the handicapped-accessible renovation of your own house. Before concluding the contract, check whether accidents that occur while sailing are covered by the policy.

Travel / charter cancellation insurance Covers costs that arise if you cannot start the trip or have to break off prematurely. There are special variants for sailing crews. In particular, they take into account the fact that a trip cannot be started even if the skipper is absent and no substitute can be organized. Pay attention to the amount of the deductible when taking out the insurance.

Legal protection insurance There are special policies for sailors. The scope of coverage varies and should be checked carefully. For example, whether contract legal protection is included. Important, for example, for prospective owners who want a ship to be built by a shipyard. It is essential to ensure that the policy takes effect immediately, i.e. does not include lead times of several months during which there is no insurance cover. More about legal protection insurance here.

Term life insurance Private protection for the survivors in the event that the insured person dies. Make sure that a death as a result of an accident is not excluded in the policy.

Skipper liability insurance Protects the skipper from claims by third parties if the ship or crew members are damaged due to his misconduct. Some insurers protect the skipper even if he has acted with gross negligence.