Bobby Schenk's Blue Water Seminar Postponed Due To Coronavirus

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Bobby Schenk's Blue Water Seminar Postponed Due To Coronavirus
Bobby Schenk's Blue Water Seminar Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Video: Bobby Schenk's Blue Water Seminar Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Video: Bobby Schenk's Blue Water Seminar Postponed Due To Coronavirus
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For almost two decades, Germany's most famous cruising sailor has been holding its blue water seminar - so far always in front of full halls. Also his first time for the 14./15. March planned guest appearance at the German High Seas Sports Association Hansin Glücksburg was fully booked again. But the appointment falls flat.

Due to the corona virus, the event has been postponed until further notice. Schenk told YACHT online that an alternative appointment will take place at the DHH in autumn at the earliest. In the meantime, all participants will receive their already paid entry price back and will be given priority if tickets are awarded again.

The decision to cancel was based on the recommendation of the health authority. Although only around 150 people were expected to attend the seminar - far fewer than the limit of 1,000 participants recommended by Health Minister Spahn - the decision was made in agreement with the head of the DHH. Regular training on the water starts at the beginning of April, and hundreds of children and young people are expected in Glücksburg on the Flensburg Fjord. This should not be endangered.

Dozens of regattas and events around the world are currently under reservation due to the risk of infection from the CoV-2 virus, including the renowned Rolex Capri Week in mid-May. The Trofeo PrincesSofi in Palma, which is considered the last chance to qualify for the German 49er FX squad sailors for the Olympic Games, may also be at risk. Today, among other things, the boat show in Oslo was canceled - certainly not the last public event that will pause due to the corona risk.

Here is Bobby Schenk's information from tonight:

Dear speakers and employees at the blue water seminar in Glücksburg, It is with great regret that I inform you that my blue water seminar planned for the coming weekend had to be canceled a few minutes ago on the advice of the responsible health department.

This decision was unavoidable in order to protect the participants, the speakers and the employees of the Hanseatic Yacht School Glücksburg as well as in view of the training courses for hundreds of children and young people, which started at the beginning of April. Until recently, the situation on the Corona front seemed to be fairly manageable, but in the last few hours the general risk assessment has changed dramatically, including due to the recent appeal by the Schleswig-Holstein Minister of Health

In addition, participants from regions of Germany and abroad that are not considered to be harmless would have come to the specific event (e.g. North Rhine-Westphalia and the Canary Islands), who of course could not have been excluded, which would have further increased the risk of infection.

After all, the cancellation of the seminar on the advice of the responsible health department and in agreement with the director of the yacht school was unfortunately inevitable. I regret the inconvenience this cancellation may cause you. If you have ordered quarters from the yacht school, the headmaster, Mr. Jochen Kopf, offers free cancellation. With greetings from the sailors and in the hope of being able to welcome you - safely - at the next appointmen

Your Bobby Schenk

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