Downsizing At Bavaria: C42 Becomes C38

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Downsizing At Bavaria: C42 Becomes C38
Downsizing At Bavaria: C42 Becomes C38

Video: Downsizing At Bavaria: C42 Becomes C38

Video: Downsizing At Bavaria: C42 Becomes C38
Video: BAVARIA C38 - BAVARIA'S latest C-LINE addition 2023, March

The announcement from Giebelstadt is not particularly surprising: After the C42, which was recently presented as a detailed test in YACHT 16/2020, the expected program expansion is now following further down. In the larger length segments, on the other hand, the new route with the C45, the C50 and the C57 is complete for now. A new tourer for the eleven-meter class is now being developed under the name C38, also designed by Cossutti Yacht Design and in an almost identical design to the C42, which is exactly one meter longer.

In fact, BavariYachts just seems to have shrunk the concept of the C42 for the smaller model. The general styling, the layout on deck and in the cockpit as well as the modern construction with the pronounced chimney edges, the wide stern and the noticeably voluminous V-bow are adopted almost 1: 1. With the new hull shapes from Cossutti, the C42 has already shown a solid performance in the YACHT test. In good wind and light waves, the boat sailed stiffly and quickly with noticeably high dimensional stability and could be steered in a sporty and agile way.

Below deck, too, the expansion concept of the new C38 remains largely unchanged compared to its bigger sister. Only the double berths in the aft cabins and in the foredeck are a little less wide. Nevertheless: The double bed in the owner's cabin in the foredeck is still 1.73 meters wide, which will set new standards within the class. A direct comparison of the expansion plans shows that the U-Sofim Salon has also become a bit more compact. Nevertheless, seven people will still be able to sit comfortably at the table here.

Standard is the expansion with two cabins (fore and aft to starboard) and a large locker that can be reached from the inside as well as from the cockpit. As expansion options, you can get a further double cabin or an additional wet room in the foredeck aft on the port side. The offer of a second toilet only became possible with the considerable gain in space in the forward part of the ship through the Bavaria V-bow.

Photo gallery: BavariC38, the expansion options


    • holmi! BavariC38
      holmi! BavariC38
    • holmi! BavariC38
      holmi! BavariC38
    • holmi! BavariC38
      holmi! BavariC38
    • holmi! BavariC38
      holmi! BavariC38


The conventional aluminum rig from Seldén has two spreaders and a self-tacking jib as standard. As an alternative to this, buyers can ask for a furling mast or an overlapping genum with adjustable leash points on the deck. When equipped with a self-tacking jib, the sail load rating is 4.05, which classifies the boat as a pure tourer. With the overlapping Genu, the potential lies at a slightly higher, sportier value of 4.3.

The prototype of the C38 from Bavaris is to be finished this autumn and then intensively tested by the shipyard. The world premiere is to take place in January 2021 at the boot trade fair in Düsseldorf. The base price will be 153,390 euros, including 19 percent VAT and a simple set of sails. In comparison: The basic price for the bigger sister C42 is 187,900 euros.

Technical data BavariC38

construction Cossutti Yacht Design
construction Cossutti Yacht Design
Hull length 10.99 m
Total length (with bowsprit) 11.38 m
LWL (length of waterline) 10.28 m
width 3.98 m
Total weight (standard deep keel) 9.07 t
Draft / alternative 2.05 m / 1.65 m
Ballast / proportion (standard deep keel) 2.2 t / 24.5%
Mast height above waterline 18.57 m
Mainsail standard / furling 44.3 / 41.8 sqm
Self-tacking jib (standard) 29.3 sqm
Genu (option) 35.0 sqm
Gennaker 130.0 sqm
Load rating of sail (jib / genoa) 4,05 / 4,3
machine 30 PS / 40 PS (optional)
Capacity fuel 210 l
Fresh water capacity 210 l

And that's the bigger sister; the BavariC42 as a photo gallery from the YACHT test and on YACHT TV

Photo gallery: BavariC42


    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_segeln 2020 NKr_0428
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_segeln 2020 NKr_0428
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_segeln 2020 NKr_0341
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_segeln 2020 NKr_0341
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_segeln 2020 NKr_0417
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_segeln 2020 NKr_0417
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_cockpit_0114
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_cockpit_0114
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_salon_0023
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_salon_0023
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_pantry_0015
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_pantry_0015
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_achtern_0001
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_achtern_0001
    • holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_vorschiff_0233
      holmi! 0620_bavaria_c42_vorschiff_0233


Test of the new development off Kiel

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