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Bottlenecks In Holtenau
Bottlenecks In Holtenau

Video: Bottlenecks In Holtenau

Video: Bottlenecks In Holtenau
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As the waterways and shipping office in Kiel-Holtenau reports, "because of unavoidable maintenance work and preliminary investigations as part of the planned renovation of the large lock in Kiel-Holtenau", the one and six weeks the other chamber of the large ("new")) Lock in Kiel Holtenau closed. A corresponding notice for the notice boards on the piers and in the club rooms is available here.

Bottlenecks more than certain

The smaller "old" lock - in the past, pleasure boats were mostly locked here - has been closed for a long time. As a result, only one of the four chambers that are normally in operation will be available for the entire shipping industry during the period announced. Bottlenecks are to be planned as safe. An exception will be the period from Wednesday, May 31st to the following Pentecost Sunday, June 5th. Both chambers of the large lock should be in operation on these days. Here you will find information on which chambers are currently in operation.

Tips from the waterway and shipping administration for pleasure boaters

• Sports boat taxes do not currently have to be paid. • If there is a sufficient number of sport boats, we will only lock sport boats in the morning and afternoon. Please pay attention to the announcements on VHF channel 12 and the changing text display in the inner area (waiting area on the north side of the channel). • Please wait INNER SIDE in the canal in front of the Kiel locks at the waiting area for pleasure craft on the north side. • Please wait on the PROMOTION SIDE at a safe distance from commercial shipping in the area of the Tiessenkai. • First commercial shipping comes in! Sports boats then receive their entry signal (a single interrupted white light) - depending on the space in the chamber and the propeller flow of the ships. • Sport boat information phone for the locks Kiel – Holtenau 0431 / 3603-152

Further helpful tips from the waterway and shipping administration for pleasure boaters

Leaflet online

Click here for the "Leaflet for pleasure boaters on the Kiel Canal"

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