NRV Sailors Win The Helga Cup

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NRV Sailors Win The Helga Cup
NRV Sailors Win The Helga Cup

Video: NRV Sailors Win The Helga Cup

Video: NRV Sailors Win The Helga Cup
Video: Tag 1: Helga Cup Live aus dem NRV Clubhaus 3 2023, March

The second HelgCup in Hamburg ended today with a surprise victory. In the final race of the best eight out of a total of 76 crews from ten countries, the Hamburg team "NRV-Pulvermädels" from the organizing North German RegattVerein won.

Summary day 2

"We started the race relaxed and without any pressure of expectation, that was our recipe for success," says helmsman NicolParlow, who and her crew (AnikPohlenz, Melanie Schum, ClaudiLangenhan) only got together for the first HelgCup last year.

Second place went to the "HSC Women’s Team" of tax woman Silke Basedow, third place went to the "SVT Ladies" (tax woman MarBezel) from Switzerland, who, like the HSC team, are an experienced J / 70 crew.

HelgCup 2019
HelgCup 2019

The media prize awarded by YACHT and Delius Klasing Verlag once again went to the HSC Women’s team for their social media presence, including a YouTube channel with tutorials on regatta sailing and boat handling

"It was fun to see you take off and sail," said overall race director Klaus Lahme, Club Manager of the NRV, at the award ceremony to the more than 300 female sailors who had started on the Alster in the past three days. "The level has increased significantly compared to the previous year," said Lahme.


The YACHT reader team (from left to right): Leonie Drechsler, Tine Schade, AnetNowobilska, KatjKarrenbauer

The YACHT reader crew, who applied last year to the YACHT's call to grow together into a regatta crew within six months, were also satisfied. After a successful first day of racing with an intermediate result of 31st place, they finished 51st in the overall ranking.

"We have become a real team and have worked a lot for ourselves in a short period of time, which is now working. And above all, we just get along great," says taxwoman Tine Schade from Hamburg.

HelgCup 2019 - Summary day 1

The date for the next HelgCup was announced at the award ceremony: It will take place from June 11th to 14th, 2020.

The results of the Medal Race:

1. NRV powder girls (DE)

2. HSC Women’s Team (DE)

3. SVT Ladies (SUI)

4. Fantastic Four (DE)

5. Team MMXV (DK)

6. Goldelsen (DE)

7. WYC South Sea Pearls (DE)

8. Cream Slices (DE)

You can read a report about the HelgCup 2019 in YACHT 15/2019 which will be released on July 10th.

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