Countdown For The Next Helga Cup

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Countdown For The Next Helga Cup
Countdown For The Next Helga Cup

Video: Countdown For The Next Helga Cup

Video: Countdown For The Next Helga Cup
Video: Helga VS Donatello In A Nickelodeon Super Brawl Universe Match / Battle / Fight 2023, March

From June 13 to 16, 2019, the HelgCup will take place for the second time on the Hamburg Outer Alster. After the keelboat regatton only for women had a successful premiere last year, it is to take place on an even larger scale this year - also thanks to the support of the city of Hamburg.

82 crews have registered, including teams from the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. About 350 female sailors are expected to attend the event in the organizing North German RegattVerein and the neighboring RG Hans. This year, sailing will only take place on J / 70 - unlike in the previous year, when the short races in Bundesliga format were held on one lane on J / 70 and one on Seascape 24.

Check-in begins on Thursday, June 13th at 3 p.m., and the HelgCup opens on the same evening with a discussion of the sailing instructions under the guidance of the experienced J / 70 crew led by helmsman Silke Basedow.

Girls show yourselves! Applications by June 5th

The media award is intended to support and reward the media work of the participating crews. Facebook page, website, Insta account, print articles in local media, YouTube videos, and and and … A jury made up of media representatives from YACHT and Delius Klasing Verlag as well as other media will evaluate all submitted applications.


Active media work is rewarded with prizes

Regarding the criteria: In addition to the basics such as "Is there any social media or online presence", "How many followers", "How much print presence", creativity and continuity are also assessed. The submission deadline is June 5th, one week before the start of the HelgCup 2019

Crews can send their application including details of the channels, website, etc. to [email protected]

YACHT reader crew at the start

Since February, Tine Schade, Leonie Drechsler, AnetNowobilsk and KatjKarrenbauer have spent a lot of time together on the water in order to grow together into a crew and then also the most successful crew possible for the HelgCup. As a team of readers of the YACHT, the four sailors with very different regatta experiences start in June, they have already completed a steep learning curve including training on the Schlei, on the Möhnesee and on the Outer Alster.

"The crew division was perfect, everyone is in the right place," said helmsman Tine Schade, after the team had thought about how best to fill the positions of foredeck, trim, tactics and steering given the different experiences. Thinking about the many little things so that you don't have to think about them at the Cup itself was the goal for one of the last training sessions before the first signal on June 14th at 1.30 p.m.

Blue water sailor Nike Steiger is a guest

Nike Steiger wants to whet the appetite for a completely different type of sailing on the Saturday evening of the HelgCup. In a lecture, the Lüneburg native, who has been traveling to Central America on her Reinke S10 "Karl" for a good six years, talks about her adventures, which she documents on her YouTube channel and on YACHT tv.

Be there live

The races of the HelgCup can be followed on the screen here:

SAP live tracking from June 14th to 16th:

Livestream on June 15 and 16: June 15, 12pm - 4pm: June 16, 12pm - 4pm

Learn everything

You can read a report about the HelgCup 2019 in YACHT 15/2019which will be released in early July.

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