Contest 55 CS: New Lines, Maximum Flexibility

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Contest 55 CS: New Lines, Maximum Flexibility
Contest 55 CS: New Lines, Maximum Flexibility

Video: Contest 55 CS: New Lines, Maximum Flexibility

Video: Contest 55 CS: New Lines, Maximum Flexibility
Video: Contest 55 CS. Top Cruiser in 50+ length 2023, April

Apparently they should also be wealthy, because the shipyard only mentions a price "on request". At first glance, this suggests that the numbers on the offer might not be the strongest argument for a purchase. Admittedly: One The price is difficult to name given the degree of possible design of the 55 CS. Interior layout and sail plan are almost freely selectable, as is the deck hardware. In the points mentioned alone, there is a price difference of a quarter of a million euros in such a yacht. So why call it a more speculative entry-level course?

What distinguishes the new one is a look that is based on the top models of the shipyard. The lines flow from the roof of the deck saloon into the cockpit coaming, which means a skilful break with the otherwise rather strict proportions. A vertical stem ends in a fixed bowsprit. You don't have to find it beautiful, it is always modern and practical. The foredeck is completely flush and, like the deck at the other end of the ship, offers plenty of space to enjoy. The former is becoming increasingly important in modern yachts, as it means privacy when the yacht is with the stern facing the pier. And that is more the rule than the exception in areas that allow life on deck.

The design below deck, designed by the yacht interior experts Wetzels and Brown from Amsterdam, has almost infinite room for owner wishes, according to the shipyard. The already stiff one-shot vacuum infusion hulls have received additional reinforcements from Judel / Vrolijk & Co in the form of a light and strong strongback made of carbon. This means that the positions of bulkheads and stabilizing built-in elements can be chosen more freely. In addition, the pushed-through mast does not need a main bulkhead at a certain point to reinforce the deck, for example. In this way, the shipyard creates the structural conditions for real adaptation to the wishes of the customer.

The construction under the supervision of Lloyd's ensures precision. This means that large windows in the fuselage and especially in the owner's cabin are possible. The thing garage in the stern opens and closes hydraulically, the flap becomes a large bathing platform. With all of this, Contest attaches great importance to solid construction and practical seaworthiness. Handles everywhere, leeward sails and excellent sound insulation should ensure comfortable travel at sea.

The Contest 55 CS is therefore a kind of S-Class for sailors - spacious, quiet, elegant and, if need be, fast without being strenuous, even on very long trips to remote areas or around the world. Of course, such a yacht has its price. Friends of the special will understand.

The 55 CS can be seen for the first time at Boot in Düsseldorf 2020.


17.00 m


17.00 m

Lümit bowsprit

18.10 m


5.02 m


24.82 m


850 l


725 l


Volvo Pent110 kW / 150 PS

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