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Headwind In Paradise
Headwind In Paradise

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Video: Headwind In Paradise
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Crews who are on blue water cruises through the South Seas could face a problem when staying in French Polynesia in the future: As of this year, anchoring at many popular places in the archipelago of the Society Islands has been restricted or even prohibited. This is unanimously reported by the Polynesian sailing association "Association des Voiliers en Polynesie" (AVP), local long-distance sailors and the blue water portal Noonsite.

Fewer and fewer anchorages

Popular anchorages in Tahiti and other islands in the archipelago such as Moorea, Raiate and BorBora are particularly affected. In Tahiti, according to reports, yachts have already been asked to leave the island's most important anchorage.

On Tahiti's direct neighboring island of Moore, only a limited number of ships are to be allowed to anchor at designated places for a limited period of time. These are mainly located in the north of the island. And on BorBord may no longer be anchored at all; For a fee, yachts may only stay on provided murings.

Alternatives for the anchor berths off Tahiti are apparently not being planned. Places in the island's ports are limited and fill up quickly.

Strategic goal for circumnavigators

Tahiti and the surrounding islands are major destinations for circumnavigators crossing the Pacific. The island is the largest of the Society Islands archipelago and one of the few in the South Pacific that offers the infrastructure for major provisions and repairs. It is therefore used by most yachts in transit.

Sailing rallies such as the World ARC or the Tahiti Pearl Regatt also stop here with their fleets. Also because of their nature and culture, the volcanic islands are destinations that many are reluctant to leave out.

Closed due to overcrowding?

As to the cause of the stricter rules for anchored yachts, the AVP refers to the increasing number of sailing yachts in the region for years. Long term visas are easy to maintain, yachts can stay for three years before they have to be officially launched. Income from maritime tourism, which also includes cruise ships, is an important strategic source of income for French Polynesia, according to the AVP.

But now the number of yachts is apparently too many for the locals, and the protection of anchorages and coral reefs also plays a role.

How things will go on for the local sailors and arriving yachts is currently still uncertain, report German long-haul sailors from Tahiti. The location at the anchorages of one of the most popular destinations along the barefoot route is currently still changing.

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