Greece Is Serious: The Tax Is Collected

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Greece Is Serious: The Tax Is Collected
Greece Is Serious: The Tax Is Collected

Video: Greece Is Serious: The Tax Is Collected

Video: Greece Is Serious: The Tax Is Collected
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The Greek parliament had already passed the resolution for the boat tax in 2014, three years later the Ministry of Shipping ordered its implementation. However, a signature and implementation ordinances from the responsible Ministry of Finance were still missing. Therefore, nobody really believed in a realization, too often a levy had already been announced and later not realized.

But now the government of Alexis Tsipras is serious. As the Greece representative of the cruiser department Joachim Rollhäuser announced, was in the legal gazette on November 16. the text of the new decree 4504/2017 has been published, which regulates the practical implementation. Accordingly, the fee, which has to be paid monthly or annually for yachts of seven meters or more, depending on the length of the boat, is due from November 26th of this year.

The only exceptions are boats that are on land for winter storage, provided that this has been communicated to the port authorities on site. The KA: "The prerequisite is that you have submitted a corresponding application to the responsible port authority and that the boat has been entered in the book for the ships that are out of service." All owners who have a permanent berth in the water would actually have to pay from November. The fee can either be paid for the whole year or for crews who only want to sail in Greek waters for a limited period of time, also on a monthly basis.

However, the cruiser department has already pointed out to the authorities that this implementation is difficult because many owners don't use their boat again until spring or check on site to see if it is all right (you can find information about the cruiser department here). But the levy not electronically can be paid, but owners actually have to do this with the responsible port authorities on site, it is very likely that many will not be able to meet the tax obligation. Allegedly, the officials should now take care of implementing a deadline extension until spring. The Greek-English papers for the new tax can be downloaded here.

Territory fees Greece

Length over all Euros / month Euros / year
Length over all Euros / month Euros / year
7-8 meters 16 192
8-10 meters 25 300
10-12 meters 33 396
over 12 meters 8 € per month and meter Monthly fee x 12, no flat rate!

The tax quickly adds up to over 1000 euros per year, especially for owners of larger yachts, and around 1248 euros for a 13-meter yacht. For those affected, it may therefore be worthwhile in the future to put the boat on land during the winter break.

However, there are discount rules:

  1. Anyone who pays the whole year in advance in December of the old year or January of the new year receives a 10 percent discount.
  2. A 20 percent discount is deducted for boats over 12 meters in length that are entering the country for the first time and staying for a whole year.
  3. There is a 25 percent discount for charter boats that are not also used privately.

The third point is still a little unclear, as there are also a number of owners who have purchased charter yachts in the purchase charter model and can then use them for their own vacation. It remains to be seen whether these models will also receive the 25 percent discount.

At the same time as the now published law is also one Registration requirement has been introduced in Greece. The cruiser department: "From now on, private (leisure) boats with the Greek flag and business (leisure) boats with the Greek flag or foreign flag must be registered in this new electronic register of the Independent Greek Public Income Authority (AADE). Private boats with a foreign flag are left out."

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