Croatia: Unused Days Expire After All

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Croatia: Unused Days Expire After All
Croatia: Unused Days Expire After All

The fuss about the massively increased sojourn tax in Croatian waters, which this season has increased by up to seven times over the previous year depending on the size of the boat, simply does not want to end.

In January it was still said that owners who pay flat rates for several weeks can use them up later if they are only partially used due to bad weather. The condition for this should be that the marin or port authority stamps this accordingly before departure. At least that was what the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristijan Stanicic, had assured in an interview with YACHT and the cruiser department of the DSV at boot Düsseldorf.

What the written confirmation should look like and who specifically issued it has not been answered by the tourist office for almost seven weeks, allegedly due to translation problems. Despite repeated inquiries, she merely consoled the YACHT and the cruiser department.

In this information vacuum, at least a few weeks before the start of the season, the message that another employee of the Croatian tourist office in Austria gave to a YACHT reader is now bursting. It states that there will be no transfer of the idle days.

True to the motto "what do I care about my chatter from yesterday", the tourist office has now apparently rejected the promised customer-friendly regulation. The tourist office has not yet responded to a request from YACHT as to how this contradiction should be assessed.

Obviously, one specifically avoids informing the media and simply creates facts without communicating them to those directly affected via official channels. For a country that is a member of the EU, this is a highly disconcerting approach.

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