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More Services For Charterers
More Services For Charterers

Video: More Services For Charterers

Video: More Services For Charterers
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The Hamburger Yacht-Versicherung, a specialist broker for boat and charter insurance, is responding to the increased demands in the charter sector with increased insurance sums. "The chartered yachts and with them the crews are getting bigger and bigger. This is reflected in the amount of travel and deposit costs", says KatjPilski from the company's charter team. "So far it was enough to secure deposits up to an amount of 5,000 euros, but the trend is towards higher sums."

Therefore, the Hamburgers can now insure deposits of up to 10,000 euros, the broker said. For a premium surcharge, the regatta risk can also be included in the deposit insurance. Also new at Hamburger Yacht-Versicherung: From now on, skippers who drive crews on chartered boats for a fee can insure appropriate deposits.

Regularly insurable travel expenses of up to EUR 20,000

The sums insured in travel cancellation insurance were also increased. Travel expenses of up to 20,000 euros can now be insured. In the case of higher expenses, the premiums are calculated individually. And until now everyone could only withdraw completely from the charter trip if the skipper who was insured for the full trip price fell ill, now, if only one crew member is sick, a complete cancellation of the trip can be insured against an additional premium, even if only one crew member is sick. "We respond to the wishes of our customers, because the crews often lose interest in the trip if a crew member is absent due to illness," says KatjPilski.

There is also a very important change in the insolvency cover, i.e. in the event that the charter provider goes bankrupt after the charter fee has been transferred. From now on it is sufficient that the charter operator is insolvent to get the money back from the insurance company. So far, judicial insolvency proceedings had to run against the charter company before the insurance company paid. KatjPilski comments: "Since legal proceedings are often not initiated at foreign charter bases, the addition of protection against the insolvency of the charter company was an important point that we can now offer our customers."

Charter policies can be taken out "last minute"

With the exception of travel cancellation insurance, all charter covers can be taken out shortly before the start of the cruise, in case of doubt even after the ship has been handed over. The broker recently opened a "charter shop" on the Internet for this purpose. In this way, you can easily select the services you want using your tablet or smartphone at and pay viPaypal.

As always, the same applies to charter insurance: It is worth comparing. Before signing up, it makes sense to obtain offers from other providers. Comparisons and interesting facts about charter insurance were most recently published in YACHT 2/2013 (comparison of skipper liability policies and surety insurance) and in YACHT 25/2016 (tips on surety insurance as well as comparison of security certificates and insolvency insurances).

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