Light Aluminum Instead Of Heavy Steel

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Light Aluminum Instead Of Heavy Steel
Light Aluminum Instead Of Heavy Steel

Video: Light Aluminum Instead Of Heavy Steel

Video: Light Aluminum Instead Of Heavy Steel
Video: Which is The Strongest Material? Carbon Fiber Vs. Aluminum Vs. Steel | Hydraulic Press Test! 2023, April
View from the mast to the
View from the mast to the

View from the mast to the "Marlin"

The "Marlin" is a Robert Perry design, 60 feet long, built in 2006 by Folmer in the Netherlands. And in contrast to the old "Iron Lady", the new one is made of aluminum. You can read more about the background to the acquisition here.

Technical data of the "Marlin"

Length over all 18.26 m
Length over all 18.26 m
Length of the waterline 16.44 m
Bite over everything 4.66 m
Hull draft 1.00 m
Keel draft 2.13 m
Empty weight 26.6 t
ballast 8 t
Fully loaded weight 30.5 t
Fresh water in two tanks 1200 l
Diesel in two tanks 1500 l
Range under engine 1500 nm
Day tank 150 l
Type Sloop, moderate long keel, round bilge
design Robert Perry 60 ′ at Lloyd’s standards
shipyard Folmers Holland
Construction year 2003-2005
Hull material Alluminium, Almg 4,5 Mn W28
mast 27 m, hall, aluminum
sail North Sails
Sail area approx. 160 m², 2 roll foresails
machine YANMAR 165 hp
layout 3 cabins, 1 saloon, 2 showers, large kitchen
Bunks 6, (+2 deck house), two toilets, engine room, sail forepeak

Below is the description of the "Iron Lady". It was once designed and robustly equipped by the Feltz shipyard. This makes it perfect for the really big trip.

"Iron Lady" sailed around the world for five years with her previous owners. It has been owned by Michael Wnuk and Nathalie Müller since 2000 and served as their residence during their seven-year circumnavigation. The Hamburg Feltz building is solidly built and a trustworthy companion even under extreme conditions. A solid Reckmann rig, good sails and a solid guard rail round off the impression of the solid cruising sailor. Life on board is limited to four people by its 38-foot length. Two autopilots control the boat depending on the weather and wind conditions. Except for the blister, all sails can be rolled up and operated from the cockpit. According to the motto: “Less is more, what doesn’t break!” There is not much electronics on the “Lady”. With a Pactor modem, shortwave radio system and PC, the crew takes care of navigation, collects weather reports and puts new reports on the Internet every day.

Technical data of the "Iron Lady"

Type Scorpion II
Type Scorpion II
shipyard Feltz boats, Hamburg
Construction year 1985
Length over all 12.78 meters
Hull length 11.96 meters
width 3.55 meters
Draft 1.85 meters
displacement 8.5 tons
ballast 3.85 tons
hull steel
mast aluminum
Rig Reckmann
Sail area 88 square meters, 2 furling foresails
machine Mercedes OM 636, 40 PS
diesel 450 liters
water 500 liters
Self-control 2 systems, electrical and mechanical (Windpilot)

"Iron Lady" at full speed


"Iron Lady" at anchor

Iron lady
Iron lady

"Iron lady"

More about the ship and the crew at

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