DSV Cruiser Department Extends Application Deadline

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DSV Cruiser Department Extends Application Deadline
DSV Cruiser Department Extends Application Deadline

Video: DSV Cruiser Department Extends Application Deadline

Video: DSV Cruiser Department Extends Application Deadline

The traditional competition of the largest German association of cruising sailors has served since it was founded more than 100 years ago to pass on information and experiences that were made in the past year on small and large voyages. This year, the deadline for participants wishing to apply for one of the many prizes has been extended by one month.

Take the Corona summer into account

"We are taking into account the delayed start of the season," says Sönke Thomsen, head of the cruiser department. "It was also particularly difficult this year to plan a trip. In particular, trips abroad were difficult to implement with numerous uncertainties and in some cases also with prohibitions. We want to take this into account."

The motto of the driving competition is, in keeping with its purpose: "Tell us something!" According to Thomsen, that should be particularly true of the past season. The most important criterion: The trips should be imitable and exemplary, lighthouses in the sailing résumé and, this year, also take into account the special conditions that existed due to Corona requirements. According to the tender, trips are awarded in the categories of open sea, sea, coast, inland and youth.

Young talent should also be encouraged

A special highlight is the awarding of prizes to young crews. Young members of the DSV associations are eligible to participate (up to the age of 27 in the year of the advertisement). A membership of the skippers in the DSV cruiser department is not required. An adult may be on board for training trips. Ship management and design must be largely in the hands of the young people. The young skipper must have the relevant certificate of proficiency before starting the voyage.

All information about the competition and participation can be found here

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