Ports And Winter Storage Could Remain Open

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Ports And Winter Storage Could Remain Open
Ports And Winter Storage Could Remain Open

Video: Ports And Winter Storage Could Remain Open

Video: Ports And Winter Storage Could Remain Open
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In contrast to the first lockdown, this time the way to their boats is apparently not blocked. That resulted in today's demand from YACHT at the responsible ministries in Northern Germany.

It is true that the agreements between Chancellor AngelMerkel and the Prime Ministers of the federal states that were made yesterday in Berlin must first be implemented in state law everywhere, so that the measures can come into force on Monday, November 3rd. They are then initially valid until the end of the month. A spokesman for the Hamburg Senate said today that "individual sport" should in all likelihood continue to be allowed under "strict consideration of the contact rules".

That would mean that a maximum of ten people from a maximum of two households can still meet - but they must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from all other people. Access to sports facilities such as jetties, club harbors or winter camps would still be possible.

One learned from the first lockdown, said the Senate spokesman from Hamburg. Individual sports should also continue to be allowed in Bremen, in Lower Saxony the state government is "currently working flat out on a new Corona regulation".

In Schleswig-Holstein, according to the current state of affairs, the training units of clubs have to be canceled, but here too, individual sport is "still allowed". The country's marinas are open, also for (guest) yachts. Electricity, water and sanitary facilities are accessible, but a hygiene concept must be drawn up for the latter, which everyone must adhere to. It is also allowed to spend the night on sports boats in compliance with the general rules to avoid contact. In Schleswig-Holstein, the operators of the sports boat harbors and the associated facilities are responsible for compliance with the new Corona rules.

The Vice President of the German Sailing Association, Andreas Löwe, currently assesses the situation with regard to YACHT for sailors as follows: "The general contact rules apply. I cannot yet see any special regulations that would prohibit access. I can see from previous publications also not yet see that ports should be closed. However, the restrictions apply to sport, that is, either with your own household or with a couple. But you can only say more precisely when the new general decrees or ordinances are ds."

And Löwe continues: "If tourist uses are to be restricted, there may be restrictions such as overnight bans or calls to foreign ports. But in my opinion, taking the boat to winter storage or transferring there can be described as a necessary journey."

He sees no problems with access to the winter camps. Leo: "No sport is done here, so I don't see any difficulties at the moment as long as there are no more than ten people from two households together."

As soon as the federal states have drawn up and published the regulations, we will report on them.

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