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Victory On Offer
Victory On Offer

Video: Victory On Offer

Video: Victory On Offer
Video: Новая стратегия Европы по России и Путину. Владимир Милов в Европарламенте 2023, March

"Due to Coronist, everything is different this year," says Jan Helms from the renowned Bremen sailing comradeship, or SKWB for short. And so it is with the traditional SKWB sailing evening, on which the traditional prizes are usually awarded on the first Saturday in November in the Bremen town hall. "Whether there will be this evening is still being clarified," said Helms.

Wanted to travel

Irrespective of this, the award committee would like to check whether there are worthwhile trips for the awarding of the youth award, the Tanj Cup, the Silver Globe or the Golden Compass. Exceptional and well-prepared and carried out team trips, i.e. trips with at least two people on board, are recognized. This can be trips to distant regions such as the Arctic Ocean or the South Atlantic, but crews and teams on special trips in the North and Baltic Seas as well as trips for young people are also taken into account. In addition, for the first time in the long history of the competition, possible corona regulations are being implemented. The prices are advertised nationally and are not only reserved for people from Bremen or ships and crews of the SKWB. Further details can be found on the SKWB website.

The application is made informally via the SKWB homepage or by email to [email protected]

Golden compass

The renowned Golden Compass is the oldest German award for sailing achievements on the open sea. It was awarded for the first time in 1937 for the fastest yacht in the North Sea race according to the calculated time and is awarded for one year. In 1955 the Golden Compass was newly donated by Rolf Schmidt, the club president at the time, for special sailing achievements on the North Sea, the Atlantic or other oceans.

Silver globe

The Silver Globe was awarded by the SKWB in 1973 in memory of the long-time chairman Dr. Franz Perli donated. The announcement is general. The award is given to skippers of crew ships for excellent voyages across the open sea.

Tanj Cup

The TanjPokal (also known as the Magnus Müller Memorial Prize) was donated in 1951 by Ernst Burmester (owner of the Burmester shipyard on the Lesum at that time) and friends in memory of his son-in-law Magnus Müller, who died in an accident in 1951, as a challenge award for outstanding sailing and seafaring achievements. The advertisement is deliberately kept general and not linked to a specific type of trip. "Tanja" was the name of the yacht sailed by Magnus Müller.

Franz-Perlia-Seefahrtspreis of the youth (the "raging Backschafter")

The Franz-Perlia-Seefahrtspreis der Jugend was donated by the SKWB on the occasion of the 1957 annual meeting of the cruiser department of the DSV for the promotion of youth cruising at sea for yachts led by adults with a young crew. It is also intended to commemorate the founder of the sailing companionship and exemplary ocean sailor Dr. Franz Perlidien.

Rolf Schmidt Memorial Prize

The Rolf Schmidt Memorial Prize was donated by the Schmidt family in 1978 in memory of the long-time chairman of the SKWB, Rolf Schmidt, who died in 1977 - multiple prizewinner in deep sea regattas and long trips - and announced for the best yacht in classes I and II of the round regattas Helgoland, Helgoland Eight and at the Kiel Week Kiel – Eckernförde and the Fehmarn Regatta. After the original regattas are no longer held in this form, the Schmidt family decided to take the Welcome Race and the Senate Prize Regattin away from the Kiel Week.

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