One Eye Is Already Glancing Towards The Olympics

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One Eye Is Already Glancing Towards The Olympics
One Eye Is Already Glancing Towards The Olympics

Video: One Eye Is Already Glancing Towards The Olympics

Video: One Eye Is Already Glancing Towards The Olympics
Video: 2016 K-POP World Festival | 2016 K-POP 월드페스티벌 IN 창원 [ENG/2016.10.18] 2023, March

Ocean races in one-handed or two-handed mode are becoming more attractive and are attracting a rapidly growing group of sport-loving sailors. The increasing attractiveness and the rapidly increasing number of participants in long-distance regattas such as the Silverrudder Challenge or the transatlantic classic Transquadr are evidence of this trend. And offshore regattas are now even set to become Olympic. The World Sailing Association has included the new "Mixed Keelboat" format in the Olympic sailing program (we reported on it).

Jeanneau's yacht builders in France are now responding to increasing demand with a new and attractive platform. At the trade fair in Paris, a first model of the Sun Fast 3300 was unveiled and the project was presented to the public. Even more: Jeanneau would like to compete with the Racer as an offshore class for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The shipyard commissioned two well-known architects to work out the construction plans. Daniel Andrieu will deal in particular with the optimization according to the IRC handicap, while Guillaume Verdier will perfect the hull lines and the hull attachments using CFD programs (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Both designers are responsible for the concept. The concave shape of the hull in the bow area and, above all, pay attention to the prepared stern section is special. These "bumps" should ensure a better distribution of the dynamic pressure and generate significantly more lift when sailing, especially in the stern area, which ultimately reduces the wetted surface. The bow section is also extremely voluminous so that the boat does not dive too deeply over the front.

Sun Fast 3300
Sun Fast 3300

Sun Fast 3300

As a result, the IRC fin keel made of lead and the two-sparing rig made of aluminum can be positioned relatively far back, for example in the middle of the ship. The 106 percent overlapping genu can thus be larger, and a tall and slim cut with a flared square head is planned for the mainsail. Above all, the slack of the forestay is trimmed via the double backstays (runners). A carbon fiber mast will also be feasible upon request. The Sun Fast 3300 comes with double rudder blades, which are controlled via a central tiller and push rods. Double steering wheels are also not provided as an option.

There are currently no drawings or layouts for simple interior construction. However, two double cabins are planned aft and a wet room in the foredeck. In order to save as much weight as possible, Jeanneau wants to use largely lightweight composite materials with a foam core for the expansion. The hull and deck are built as GRP sandwich constructions with balsa wood and a foam core.

With the new project, Jeannau is facing an exciting and current competition. Dehler, for example, is also working on a slightly smaller, high-performance ocean-going racer with a body length of just over nine meters. We presented the Dehler 30 OD project in detail in YACHT, issue 15/2018. Brands such as Pogo, JPK, Django and Ofcet also have sporty ships with a similar focus in their product range.

And Jeanneau even runs into competition in-house. The types Sun Fast 3200 (test in YACHT 22/2007) and Sun Fast 3600 (YACHT 24/2013), also drawn by Daniel Andrieu, have developed a great deal as one-size-fits-all, especially in France and are therefore still available.

At the trade fair in Düsseldorf, Jeanneau will inform all interested parties about the Sun Fast 3300 project and will also be able to show plans, renders and models. In addition, the French are already giving an initial price classification: the boat should cost between 120,000 and 130,000 euros, including VAT in the basic configuration, but excluding the sails.

Jeanneau at the trade fair in Düsseldorf: Hall 16, Stand B1 8

Technical specifications Sun Fast 3300

Constructors D. Andrieu / G. Verdier
Constructors D. Andrieu / G. Verdier
CE design category A6 - B7 - C10
Total length (with bowsprit) 10.49 m
Lü (fuselage length) 9.99 m
width 3.40 m
Draft (lead keel) 1.95 m
Weight 3.5 t
Sail area close to the wind 60.0 sqm
Sail area before the wind 128.0 sqm
Built-in machine 15 HP / saildrive
IRC rating (ext.) 1.015 TCC

Photo gallery: Sun Fast 3600


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