Sail Training Suspended Due To Corona

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Sail Training Suspended Due To Corona
Sail Training Suspended Due To Corona

Video: Sail Training Suspended Due To Corona

Video: Sail Training Suspended Due To Corona
Video: Rick and Tall Ship Sail Training 2023, March

The old ships not only shape the image of port birthdays and tall ship events, they are also our maritime cultural heritage - and their operation also safeguards the knowledge of many trades that would otherwise have long been forgotten. In addition, active youth work is carried out on many of these ships.

However, managing the old work vehicles is a Herculean task, which is usually taken on by non-profit associations. Operation has been made more difficult in recent years by the discussion about a new traditional ship regulation. Now there are the emerging consequences of the measures that were taken due to the threat posed by the corona virus.

Events as sources of income for the time being on hold

The season offers many events at which paying guests wash money into the coffers of the operating associations. But when such events can take place again is in the stars. Many of the cruise plans are therefore on hold. "The Corona virus is putting the friends of Germany's largest active sailing ship in a line through the itinerary," reports the German Sail Training Foundation (DSST), owner and operator of the "Alexander von Humboldt II", about its itinerary. It goes on to say: "None of the planned trips can take place until May 11th." This also applies to the day trips from Travemünde and as part of the Hamburg port birthday, which has already been canceled due to coronavirus.

"We will strictly adhere to all official requirements," explains Jürgen Hinrichs from the DSST. "The safety and health of our fellow sailors and our regular volunteer crew are the most important things in this extraordinary situation." The further development in the fight against the corona virus is not yet foreseeable, one has to wait and see how things go after May 11th. According to the itinerary, the "Alex II" visits Stockholm, Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Sail Bremerhaven in summer.

The "Alex II" has been in use since 2011. The aim of the DSST is to convey the knowledge and values of traditional seamanship on the high seas. A special focus is on youth work. This makes it one of around 60 vehicles that pursue this goal and have therefore come together in the Sail Training Association Germany (STAG).

Shared fate

Now the fleet shares this fate as well. The "Roald Amundsen" reports: "The sailing plan published in January is currently in the roadstead. Adjustments and changes are being worked out." Those in charge of the youth sailing association, which operates the Kiel-based Marstalschoner "Zuversicht", write on the association's website: "… Nevertheless, we are of course active and are preparing the coming sailing season and our beautiful ship. Keep your fingers crossed for us We will soon be able to see everyone again healthy and happy on board and that we will get our club through this time without major financial damage. " For the "Thor Heyerdahl", which also belongs to the STAG fleet and is known as the first classroom under sails, there was recently a problematic stop on the journey home from the Caribbean to the home port of Kiel. In the Azores, it was difficult to stash provisions because of the pandemic. But the "Thor" has been clear to sea again since Thursday evening and is now on the way to the English Channel.

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