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Photo Competition - YACHT Online
Photo Competition - YACHT Online

Video: Photo Competition - YACHT Online

Video: Photo Competition - YACHT Online
Video: Contest 55 CS 2023, April

You can crown your 2020 sailing season with just a few clicks: Send us your best picture of the year and, with a little luck, win one of our prizes.

Once again, there are no limits to your creativity in dealing with the camera this year, especially since a certain motto for the choice of motif is not given this time. An expressive still life has the same chances of victory as crashing sailing action, this also applies to portraits or nature shots or regatta impressions, for a well-considered composition or the successful spontaneous snapshot. In terms of image design and presentation, you have a completely free hand: Take a picture of what moves you and send us your best shot.

As always, we present the top photos of the sailing summer in the YACHT and in our online gallery. We will reward the photographers of the top 20 photos with attractive prizes! Here they are at a glance:

And this is how you take part - the conditions of participation:

Please make a preselection; each participant may only send in one picture. Also, always include your name, full address and telephone number.

Please send paper copies to: Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH YACHT editorial team Photo competition ABC-Strasse 21, 20354 Hamburg

(Name, address and a short description of the photo - place, date, type of boat, people depicted, situation depicted, etc. - note on the back)

Please send digital photos with our practical internet upload service. The following points must be observed:

1. The photo (only send in one!) May be digitally developed and the raw file may be adapted

2. It is forbidden to add content to the picture or to remove picture content. If doubts about authenticity arise, the original camera file must be available for analysis. The editors reserve the right to exclude submissions from the competition in the event of justified doubts.

3. Please send digital photos in.jpg

4. Please choose your name as the file name.

5. Please note the following minimum file size: 3000 x 2000 pixels, minimum 180 dpi. That corresponds to about 5 MB.

6. Please enter image information in the fields provided. Depending on the image viewing program, they are called "Caption", "Image description", "Description" or "Image information": location, date, boat type, situation shown, etc..

The deadline for submissions is September 16, 2020. With the submission, the publication and exploitation rights are transferred to the editors. Employees of Delius Klasing Verlag and their relatives are not allowed to participate. The judges' decision is final.

Finally, we have a few more here Tips from professional photographers for her!

Here are the tips from the professionals
Here are the tips from the professionals

That is what the expert advises

I wish you success

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