Water In The Ship

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Water In The Ship
Water In The Ship

At the end of November last year, the dream of crossing the Atlantic fell for a German crew just three days after leaving Gran Canaria. The "Noah" suddenly made water. When the bilge pump stopped working at some point, the skipper made an emergency call and had himself and his family removed from a ship hurrying to help. In the evening hours of the same day, the damaged yacht went deep.

How could this happen? And why did the crew fail to save their ship from sinking? Questions that arise not only in the case of "Noah". In the current YACHT we highlight various accidents that have occurred in recent years. The reason was always water ingress, but the causes were partly different. And the crews affected also reacted very differently to the emergency.

In addition, we provide practical tips and recommendations on how leaks can be prevented in advance, which safety measures should be taken and how water ingress can be effectively combated depending on the extent.

The article "Wasser im Schiff" can now be read in the new YACHT (issue 2/2017, available in newsagents and as a digital edition)

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