New Retro Circumnavigation Planned - This Time With A Crew

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New Retro Circumnavigation Planned - This Time With A Crew
New Retro Circumnavigation Planned - This Time With A Crew

Video: New Retro Circumnavigation Planned - This Time With A Crew

Video: New Retro Circumnavigation Planned - This Time With A Crew
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Amateur regattas around the world seem to be on the up: two new offshore adventures across the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific are to be created within the next four years.

The "Ocean Globe Race": Whitbread reloaded

Ocean Globe Race
Ocean Globe Race

Ocean Globe Race: planned route

Don McIntyre, Australian initiator of the recently concluded Golden Globe Race 2018/19 (GGR) announced today that he wants to host another retro circumnavigation. The Ocean Globe Race is scheduled to start on September 10, 2023 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first Whitbread Round the World Race of 1973/74.

As with GGR, the focus should be on the spirit and the technical possibilities of that time. A maximum of 30 yachts that are navigated like 50 years ago are allowed to take part: without GPS and chart plotter, without grib files and weather routing, only with sextant and paper chart.

"That increases the challenge for the participants," says Don McInytre of the concept. "The satisfaction of sailing around the world like this is extremely high," said the Australian, who himself sailed around the world in the 1990/91 BOC Challenge.

Ships like back then

Yachts are to start in two classes in the Ocean Globe Race - all based on ships that started in the first three Whitbread races, the predecessor of today's The Ocean Race, formerly the Volvo Ocean Race.

The crew of the Mexican Ramon Carlin surprisingly won the first Whitbread

In the "Adventure" class, GRP series boats from 47 to 56 feet, which were constructed before 1988, are allowed to start, in the "Sayula" class (named after the winning boat from 1973), those from 56 to 66 feet. In addition, yachts that have already participated in one of the first three Whitbread races can start in the "Flyer" class. Other yachts can also be admitted upon application, according to McIntyre.

The "affordable adventure"

With the retro crew race around the world, he wants to offer amateur sailors without the budget for a The Ocean Race campaign the opportunity to compete in a regattum around the world. Participation can be achieved with as little as € 325,000. There will be specifications for the qualification and composition of the crew, but also for the safety equipment, which must be carried on board despite the historic esprit of the race.

As in the past, the Ocean Globe Race is to lead around the world in four stages, the starting port is not yet known. Interested skippers can register from September 10, 2019, further information is available on the website and in the preliminary version of the tender. The final version should be published on September 10, 2020.

Globe 40: in a duo on Class 40 all around

In France, too, a new around-the-world regatta is being worked on. Sirius Events, the French organizer of regattas and sailing events, is planning a two-hand route in stages around the globe on Class 40. The start should be in the summer of 2021, the circumnavigation should begin in France and end there again after eight stages. More information is available at

New concept for Class 40 crews who want to get around the world: In eight stages around the "Globe 40" 2021/22

Globe 40
Globe 40

Globe 40: planned route

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