Offspring For The High Seas

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Offspring For The High Seas
Offspring For The High Seas

For the 5th time, the sailing comradeship "Das Wappen von Bremen" (SKWB), in cooperation with the Kieler Yacht Club (KYC) and the Lübeck Yacht Club (LYC), is organizing the "NachwuchsregattKiel – Travemünde" for the Commodore Cup. "The aim is to get young crews excited about offshore sports," says Alexander Beilken, sports manager of the sailing comradeship. The coveted Cup is therefore reserved for those crews whose members are between 16 and 28 years old. So that this hurdle is not too big, the tender stipulates that skippers without a patent should be supported by an (older) instructor.

Colorful field of participants

In the past few years, fields of about 15 yachts have been created, including the flagships of large clubs, but also from private owners who have made their yachts available for a good cause. Regularly at the start are names that are closely linked to the promotion of young talent on the high seas - such as the "Wappen von Bremen" of the SKWB, the "Broader View" (formerly "North German assets", formerly "Hamburg XIII") of the Hamburg Seafaring Association and the "GermaniVI" of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation.

Nothing for warm showerers

According to reports from the past few years, the end of September / beginning of October was often a tough one. Sometimes it was the early autumn wind conditions, sometimes the "late summer" temperatures, which gave the young sailors an impression of how long a watch on the high seas can be, even on the Baltic Sea, which is considered harmless by ocean sailors.

Open to all

Crews whose members do not meet the age requirement for the Commodore Cup are also welcome at the start. They have their own rating group, within which the Burmester bowl is regatted. And finally, all yachts will fight together for the first ship home award. This is intended to create an incentive for all sailors on club and private yachts to go the long haul with offspring.

Register by September 1st

The registration deadline is September 1st, late registrations are possible until September 25th with a 50 percent surcharge on the registration fee.

Register here for the Kiel-Travemünde junior regatt.

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