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Route Du Rhum
Route Du Rhum

Video: Route Du Rhum

Video: Route Du Rhum
Video: La Route du Rhum, une aventure mythique ! - Météo à la carte 2023, March

24 yachts are still surfing in the Passat towards Guadeloupe. With the former "Somewhere" by Marc Thiercelin, the Vendée Globe veteran Joé Seeten came third in Pointe à Pitre and relegated favorite Roland Jourdain to "Sill" in fourth place.

Now that the first three of the big classes have arrived (in the case of the 60 multinationals, this number represents the entire remaining field), the run for the first places in the small classes is on. In the case of the multihull class II, however, the winner has already been determined. Because Escoffier's "Crêpes Whaou" moored in Guadeloupe shortly after Seeten.

About 300 miles separate him from the next participant in the class - or rather from the next participant. Because it is the French Anne Caseneuve who sails in second place with her "". As with the Around Alone, boats in the small class compete, the concepts of which are very different from one another. "Crêpes Whaou" is older and heavily modified. "yachting", on the other hand, is brand new - but a patchwork of older parts from 60-foot multinationals. The pieces were sawed to size until they were only 50 feet tall.

In the class II monos, nothing seems to prevent the Australian Nick Moloney from winning. Moloney sails the former "Cray Valley", the winning yacht in the past Around Alone Race. About 200 miles behind him lies the experienced Luc Coquelin on "Florys".

The concept also differs greatly from the Finot-designed "Ashfield Healthcare" that Moloney sails. Coquelin's boot is ultra-narrow and not ultra-wide, as is currently the fashion. "Florys" has also been rigged as a ketch and has only one oar. "Florys" is the 50-foot-tall little sister of the famous "red cigar", the Open 60 by Jean Luc van den Heede.

Positions November 25th, 1500 GMT

Multihull 60 ORMA1. Géant-Michel Desjoyeaux Finished2. Biscuits LTrinitaine - Ethypharm-Marc Guillemot Finished3. Banque Populaire-Lalou Roucayrol FinishedGiven up:Fujifilm-Loick PeyronBanque Covefi-Bertrand de BrocSergio Tacchini-Karine FauconnierSoprGroup-Philippe MonnetBayer CropScience-Frederic Le PeutrecBelgacom-Jean-Luc NéliasFoncia-Alain GautierGroupama-Franck CammasRexonMen-Yvan BourgnonSodebo-Thomas CovilleTIM-Giovanni SoldiniTechnoMarine Steve RavussinGitanX-Lionel LemonchoisYours & Loir-Lorénove-Francis JoyonBonduelle-Jean Le Ca

Monohull 60 IMOC (Open 60s) 1. Kingfisher-Ellen McArthur Finished2. Ecover-Mike Golding Finished3. Arcelor-Dunkerque-Joé Seeten Finished 4. Sill-Roland Jourdain- July 22nd5. L'Heautontimoroumenos-Antoine Koch-350.46. Garnier Belgium-Patrick De Radiguès-412.07. 60ème Sud-Didier Munduteguy-723.98. Un Univers de Services-MirandMerron-881.29. Tir Groupé-Montres Yéma-Mike Birch-1024.810. Millimages-Gédéon-Patrick Favre-1153.011. Dinan Pays d'Entreprises-Frédéric Lescot-1290.812. Ciments St Laurent-Ocean-Georges Leblanc-1445.5Given up:Virbac-Jean Pierre DickVMI-Sébastien JosseLRage de Vivre-Loïck PochetLeasecom-Elie CanivencTemenos-Dominique Wavr

Monohull Class 11. Ville de Dinard-Bruno Reibel-1711 miles to finishGiven up:Un Autre Regard Ensemble pour l'UNHCR-Nicolas Peitrequi

Monohull Class 21. Ashfield Healthcare - Nick Moloney - 596.6 miles to finish2. Florys-Luc Coquelin- 784.83. Branec III-Roger Langevin-926.34. Mille Visages-Hervé Vachée-1106.05. Laiterie St Malo-Clément Surtel-1128.96. Adecco Etoile Horizon-Bob Escoffier-1657.9Given up:Apic A3S-Christophe HuchetRépublique Dominicaine-Yannick BestavenDéfi Vendéen-J. F. Duran

Monohull Class 31. Storagetek-Regis Guillemot- 903.4 miles to finish2. Entreprendre-Jérôme Thiriez-1570.83. Grain de Soleil-Etienne Svilarich-1810.4Given up:Hellomoto-Conrad HumphreysFantasy Forest Alain Grind

Multihull Class 21. Crêpes Whaou! -F. Y. Escoffier-60.8 miles to finish2. Caseneuve-374.43. Vaincre lmucoviscidose-Hervé Cleris-634.04. Guadeloupe Archipelago-Claude Thelier-678.45. Lehning-Lapeyre-Blanchet-Gourbeyre-P. Y. Guennec-1385.7Given up:E-Sat Tri Sélectif-Pascal QuintinGroupe France Epargne-Patrick MorvanChaleur Fioul Elan-Didier Levillai

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