"Seute Deern" Is Being Recreated

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"Seute Deern" Is Being Recreated
"Seute Deern" Is Being Recreated

Video: "Seute Deern" Is Being Recreated

Video: "Seute Deern" Is Being Recreated
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The budget committee of the Bundestag is providing an amount of 46 million euros for the replica of the wooden barque "Seute Deern". With this message, the Bremerhaven regional magazine Buten & Binnen quotes the Bremerhaven SPD member of the Bundestag Uwe Schmidt.

Originally from the USA

The "Seute Deern" was launched in 1919 as the four-masted gaff schooner "Elisabeth Bandi" in the US from the pile, has been in Bremerhaven since 1966 and has been a symbol of the city ever since. The ship was donated to the German Maritime Museum (DSM) by the city of Bremerhaven in 1972 when it was founded.

Real Danaer gift

The "Seute Deern" soon turned out to be a Danaer present. Because the preservation caused high costs, a planned restoration in the millions became a political issue for the city government. And after the "Seute Deern" could only be kept afloat by bilge pumps for around ten years, she finally sank - after six pumps failed - at the berth. The DSM Board of Trustees then decided in mid-October of this year to dismantle the ship on the spot.

Unexpected windfall

While the federal government had already promised half of the estimated costs of 17 million euros last year, when the renovation was still at stake, on the condition that the state and municipality take over the other half, the budget committee of the Bundestag has the above-mentioned According to Quelle, in yesterday's meeting on Thursday, November 15, 2019, this amount has now surprisingly been increased by 29 million euros. However, the money should benefit the entire museum fleet.

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