Rig And Tüdel In Kiel

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Rig And Tüdel In Kiel
Rig And Tüdel In Kiel

Video: Rig And Tüdel In Kiel

Video: Rig And Tüdel In Kiel
Video: Kiel ● Supermärkte 1963-1979 (in HD) 2023, March

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., over 100 exhibitors and around 3500 visitors are expected on the spacious area of the cruise terminal at Kiel Castle. The event is based on a maritime flea market where everything can be bought, from like Anker to Z like Zeising.

Numerous exhibitors

But there are also various service providers from the maritime industry exhibiting, such as a firm for boat wrapping, yacht accessories, driving schools, yacht builders, the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People and a few more. The GFK-Klassiker Verein will also be present at Takel und Tüdel.

Various lectures

Lectures will also be given on a podium on topics such as old ships, new engines, correct splicing and lightning protection for yachts.

Good entertainment

The exhibition is rounded off by maritime arts and crafts, from driftwood lamps to knot bracelets or beautiful acrylic painting. Culinary well-being is also taken care of, with coffee specialties, fish rolls of a special kind, bratwurst and crêpes.

Admission is 2 euros, children have free admission. For everyone who would like to take part, there is information at 0431/55686833 or by email to [email protected]

Everything maritime can be sold - even entire boats.

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