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No Happy Ending
No Happy Ending

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Video: No Happy Ending
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Still within reach of medals: Wagner / Höll / Lochbrunner in the Yngling

It could have been Bayern's day. First Michael Fellmann from Sulzberg gave cause for hope with a 9th place, then Kristin Wagner from Feldafing sailed with her Yngling crew even a superior victory of the day. But both could not build on these achievements.

"We did well at the start, we were fifth up there, we even made it to fourth place, but then we made another sun shot and lost five places," said helmsman Kristin Wagner, characterizing the second day's race. In the end it was a seventh place, which made her drop from third to fifth in the overall standings.

Nevertheless, she is quite satisfied, especially because of the difficult conditions in the Saronic Gulf. "There were animal pushers (gusts) that come suddenly, awesome." She is annoyed about the renewed shot of the sun, but can also find good things in it: "Hopefully we have all ticked the mistakes, now the others can make them."

Team boss Jochen Schümann was satisfied: "With their first place with a huge lead (54 seconds at the finish) they showed how to do it right. Seventh place in the second race is unfortunately a given away among the top three, also in the second Place yesterday you can see how much potential is distant. It's just a shame that they didn't make full use of it in these strong wind conditions. From tomorrow there should be less wind again, and there will be more uncertainties."

At the top of the Yngling field it is still tight, at least for silver and bronze. Gold seems almost certain to Briton Shirley Robertson and her crew (13 points), with only five points between second and fifth.

Tomorrow the Ynglings will have a day of rest, which Kristin Wagner is also happy about: "Yesterday there was a lot of wind and we were on the water for eight hours (there were long delays because the jury did not hold anchors), so you just go to bed, and when you get up again at 7.30 am, you can start again immediately. Today we had two strong wind races again, that's pretty tough. " Tomorrow she wanted to sleep in, then the material would have to be checked, maybe afterwards she would go to another sporting event.


Medal unattainable, target eight: Michael Fellmann in the Finn dinghy

Apart from the Ynglings, only the Finn dinghies sailed today. Michael Fellmann could not repeat his good result from the morning and only finished 17th, which is also his discarded result.

"Given that it was his chocolate conditions, the results are rather average," said Schümann.

Fellmann looked dejected: "I had planned more, yes, those were my conditions. But on the first cross just before the windward mark there was a 40-degree turn to the right, I was positioned a little more to the left than the main field - that was it. " He is now twelfth in the overall standings. "I will continue to sail with concentration. I would be satisfied with a place in the top eight."

At the head of the Finn field, Brit Ben Ainslie is one point ahead of Spaniard Rafael Trujillo. The Pole Mateusz Kusznierewicz fell back to third place due to an early start in the last race. A subsidence of the meltemis or a lighter sea breeze (both are forecast) would, however, accommodate him again.

The races of the other classes were postponed due to the strong wind (up to 40 knots). It would have been the first day of racing for the 49ers, but Marcus Baur was very happy about the postponement: "Our boat is optimized for light winds. We have the winning mast for the Finns from Sydney, and it could break in a lot of wind."

The long waiting time on land is particularly problematic for the 49er sailors. You have to be at the start within 30 minutes of the race announcement, so you can't do anything other than wait next to the boat.

Baur is optimistic about the outcome of the races. In light sea breeze conditions, he sees himself as a safe candidate for a medal spot. "If we could do that, I would be happy."

Tomorrow's races he wants to approach conservatively with Max Groy. "We have to stay out of tight situations that can lead to collisions. We have to perform good maneuvers and not allow ourselves to make any mistakes. You saw with the other classes that, although the participants are almost all among the best in the world, very much many mistakes have happened."

His direct race preparation: "I'll watch the German women's volleyball game against the US tonight."

The program for tomorrow (17.8.)

Mistral men: 2 races (WF 3 and 4) and 1 catch-up race (WF 1) Mistral women: 2 races (WF 3 and 4)Europe: 2 races (WF 3 and 4)Laser: 2 races (WF 3 and 4)470 men: 2 races (WF 5 and 6)470 women: 2 races (WF 5 and 6)49er: 3 races (WF 1, 2 and 3

1st start in all classes at 1.00 p.m. (12.00 p.m. German time) 1. 49er 2.40 p.m.

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