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Paralympics Have Started
Paralympics Have Started

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Video: Paralympics Have Started
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After a long Friday night in the Athens Olympic Stadium, where the Kiel sailor Heiko Kröger led the German delegation, it was the first time on Saturday. In the best wind conditions, both the three-man sonar keelboats and the 2.4mR single-handed sailors started.

In the 2.4mR single-hand boats, the Frenchman Damien Seguin was in top form. He was in the lead twice from the start and stayed there until the finish line. Heiko Kröger came in second and fourth and is now in second place. He shares it with the American Thomas Brown, who also finished fourth and second once

We sailed at Meltemi, which was initially announced with a wind of up to 30 knots. In fact, it was only up to 20 knots. Nevertheless, the start of the 2.4 series was postponed by an hour.

Kröger got off to a good start in the first race and was immediately in second place. But then the wind turned up to 25 degrees, the Kieler slipped back through to position four. Only on the last cross did he manage to move back to second place.

In the second start, Kröger was unable to set himself apart from the competition. In the meantime, during the race itself, he managed to move up to third position. However, a spin on the last cross pushed him back to position four. Kröger: "The course was extremely underland, and as a result, many spins hit hard shortly before the buoy.

Damien's first two places wouldn't make Kröger nervous. After his success in Sydney, the man from Kiel is once again a hot favorite for gold at these Paralympics.

From a German point of view, things went less well with sonars. Jens Kroker from Berlin and his crew only managed a rather disappointing ninth place in both races. The sonar class was dominated on the first day of the competition by the team from Israel with Dror Cohen as helmsman. The Israelis took first place twice.

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