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Hanseboot On The Upswing
Hanseboot On The Upswing

Video: Hanseboot On The Upswing

Video: Hanseboot On The Upswing
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Neither the exhibition area, which was reduced due to construction work, nor the storm surge that started in Hamburg on Wednesday could dampen the positive mood of the visitors. The exhibitors drew a consistently positive conclusion.

A total of 122,000 visitors (previous year: 119,901) came to the 47th Hamburg International Boat Show, which ended on Sunday after nine days.

Above all, high-quality products were purchased, both in terms of yachts and boats as well as equipment and accessories. Dr. Fritz Conyn from Contest Yachten reported: “For us it was one of the best trade fairs. The interest in our yachts has increased significantly and they have been bought."

Jürgen Schwern from Dehler Yachtbau was of the same opinion: “The quality of the visitors is extremely good. The hanseboot is our main business because of the appointment. We are selling here for the coming season."

Michael Schmidt from HanseYachts in Greifswald also confirms: “We are very satisfied with the hanseboot. Our large, 19-meter-long 630 model was hugely popular. The smaller Hanse yachts were also sold well."

The three new halls of Hamburg Messe, which have already been completed, met with enthusiasm among those interested in large sailing and motor yachts. For Gerhard Schöchl from Schöchl Yachtbau, the new hall has developed into a top location. "The interest in yachts from 37 feet was particularly strong."

A total of 25,000 (previous year: 30,000) visitors came to the sport boat harbor on Baumwall, where 50 of the largest yachts had moored. The port was fully booked this year. The Swan 82 was a magnet for visitors, which John Welding from Nautour's Swan confirms: "Despite the sometimes bad weather, the hanseboot went very well for us."

Klaus Tietze from Cat Sale also praised the visitors and the interest in the catamarans: “The many catamarans that can be viewed here created a kind of catamaran center. The really interested people came even when it was raining."

Younger people in particular (up to 30 years of age) visited hanseboot for the first time this year. The proportion of first-time visitors rose from 19 to 22 percent. The expertise of the hanseboot visitors, which was highly praised by the exhibitors, is confirmed by the results of the visitor survey: 44 percent of the private visitors bought or booked directly at the fair.

115 boat premieres and a total of around 1,200 yachts and boats as well as six new themed islands met with great interest. Many visitors came from far away, said Magnus Rassy from Hallberg-Rassy: "The visitors came from different countries, even Italy and England."

Arne Schmidt from Schmidt Yachts GmbH had even registered visitors from Eastern Europe: "Not only did we notice the many visitors from Scandinavia this year, but also from Russia and Poland."

So the date in autumn also seems to be favorable within Germany. At least that's how Thomas Wibberenz from the yacht outfitter Proyacht sees it: "The two public holidays during the fair brought us many new customers from southern Germany."

A total of 900 exhibitors from 30 nations presented their products from all areas of water sports. The charter trip advice primarily offered visitors information and a direct exchange with experts. Christian Zaloudek from the yacht charter company Sarres-Schockemöhle was convinced: “We were last here in 2004. With the central Caribbean bar and the trip advice, I like the concept better than before. The trade fair is important for us to cultivate our image and acquire new customers."

One attraction was the hanseboot live deck, where current water sports clothing was tried out under “bad weather conditions” in an exhibition hall. Eddy Eich from Peter Frisch GmbH was enthusiastic about this: “There are some really great German new build projects that we are equipping, and the ships are getting bigger. The live deck is well received by the people who come to us after testing and have specific questions about it."

The 22nd art maritim with the title “Shipping and Art from Turkey” showed around 130 valuable exhibits from four museums and collections.

With 150 participants, Bobby Schenk's blue water seminar was again fully booked. Siegfried Traub from Traub Yachting saw this as another reason for the international interest: "The high level of expertise at hanseboot with events such as the blue water seminar ensured that Swiss and Austrians also came."

The symposium for yacht design and construction as well as the yacht harbor forum were well attended and underlined the professional character of the fair.

"The optimism of the overall economic situation was also reflected at hanseboot," was the conclusion drawn by Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of the German Boat and Shipbuilding Association. “Most of the companies reported that the trade fair went well. Many visitors were particularly interested in high-quality products when it came to accessories. This trend also continued in the yacht sector, where yachts from 36 feet were particularly in demand. The positive mood was noticeable in almost all industry segments. The positive response in the new exhibition halls, which was equally well received by exhibitors and visitors, was particularly gratifying."

Other voices from the exhibitors:

Walter Meier-Kothe, Baltic Yachts: “The fair is really good. We have an unusually large number of specific inquiries, especially for the larger ships between 70 and 80 feet."

Albert Schweizer, Beilken Segelmacher: “We are very satisfied. That should be the best hanseboot since I took over Beilken. The hanseboot is an extremely important factor in our financial year."

Jochen Reimer, sailmaker Elvström Sobstad: “Customers are much better informed and business is much better than last year. Our production is already working overtime. We are really satisfied."

Thomas Eissing, Elektronic Essentials, H. E. Eissing KG: “For us it was an even better hanseboot than last year. The greater demand for quality was particularly gratifying. The upcoming increase in VAT hardly played a role for our customers."

Reinhold Mörer, Mörer Schiffselektronik: “Sales are as in previous years. Something is happening on ships over 12 meters, we notice that."

Thies Kölln, Lindemann KG: “We benefited from the increasing demand for yacht equipment. The high level of expertise of the visitors, who approached us in a targeted manner, was particularly pleasing. We are very satisfied with how hanseboot went."

Rolf Clauss, Newport: “We have been at hanseboot for 25 years. People are again specifically looking for quality."

Peter Herdan, Hochseeyachtschule Glücksburg, DHH: As always, the fair went well for us. We have an increased demand for courses for children and young people."

Birgit Schnaase, Interior Design: “It is the first time that we are exhibiting at the hanseboot ourselves. It was exactly the people at the stand that we wanted."

Jochen Kunzemann, Delius Klasing Verlag: "We were able to increase our sales significantly compared to the previous year."

The next hanseboot, 48th Hamburg International Boat Show, will take place from October 27 to November 4, 2007.

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