Refrain From All Regulatory Measures

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Refrain From All Regulatory Measures
Refrain From All Regulatory Measures

Video: Refrain From All Regulatory Measures

Video: Refrain From All Regulatory Measures
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In the discussion about additional regulatory measures for recreational shipping, there is movement at the highest level. Both the grand coalition and the opposition have drafted motions on the subject.

The way through the instances was comparatively quick: the motions on the topic were passed by the responsible working groups and the parliamentary groups. The YACHT has already received the FDP paper and contains the following wording. We will also publish the suggestions of the CDU / CSU and the SPD here as soon as they are sent to the editorial team. It is not yet possible to set a specific timetable for the final decision.


the MPs Patrick Döring, Hans-Michael Goldmann, Horst Friedrich (Bayreuth), Jan Mücke, Joachim Günther, Birgit Homburger, Dr. Guido Westerwelle and the FDP parliamentary grou

Stop overregulation in sport and recreational shipping

I. The German Bundestag states:

Water sports are an independent industry and in many Regions are of great importance as engines of the tourism industry. over 1.8 million people are in water sports clubs in Germany organized. Over 17 million operate in their spare time or in Vacation water sports. Sales - in the water sports industry alone - is 1.75 billion euros. A promotion and facilitation of the Water sports are therefore synonymous with promoting Tourism especially in the northern German coastal regions, but also in River and lake regions. So did the introduction of the charter license regulation in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to an increase in Boat charter has led to 41 percent for the region are with the Charter regulation also connected around 70,000 overnight stays

Against this background, among other things, the basic investigation "Water tourism in Germany" (2003), published by all political groups in Their results were welcomed, a deregulation in water sports called for to lower the barriers to entry and this hobby for people of all generations more attractive

In her answer to the short question “Disability of sports and Freizeitschifffahrt”(Bundestag printed matter 16/4464) has the However, the federal government made it clear that they did exactly that wants to tread the opposite path. Instead of deregulation there are others Regulatory projects planned. So the federal government declares them am currently examining the introduction of mandatory labeling for pleasure craft in the sea area, a requirement to equip with radar reflectors, GPS receivers with MOB button, VHF radios, life jackets and Safety lines and the limitation of the scope of the Sports boat license lake on waters yet to be determined

As a result of this measure there is a further increase in the access threshold for sport and leisure shipping and thus damage to the therewith associated tourism industry to be feared. The federal government justifies these steps, however, with one to be achieved thereby Improve security. This is doubtful for two reasons

1. The existing accident statistics show the sport and Recreational boating appears to be already exceptionally safe. The The average number of accidents over the last twenty years has remained constant, while the number of boats rose from 100,000 to 460,000 is. While, for example, a total of 83 skiers died in 2003 alone accidents came in three years (from 2003 to 2005) in the Recreational boating only killed 27 people. 2. Even if the goal is correct, the number of accidents continues to increase lower, this must be done purposefully and with a sense of proportion. However, no differentiated statistics are currently available the conclusions on the actual risk structure in sports and recreational boating and thus on the right one Allow security strategy. Even the federal government provides in her response to the said small question stated that it was about sports accidents so far "no comprehensive own statistics" and therefore a central accident database is located in the Development is in progress. "An assessment of the accident risk is not possible without accident statistics. "

Your serious assessment of the accident risk in sports and So recreational boating is not possible, but the available figures do There is no reason to believe that there is a big one in this area If there is a security deficit, the conclusion can only be that the Project of the federal government in view of the serious Effects on sport and recreational boating as well as the Tourism industry is disproportionate

II. The German Bundestag calls on the Federal Government:

- All further regulatory measures in the sport and Refrain from recreational boating as long as a differentiated analysis the risk of accidents in sport and recreational boating is not possible and the security level does not indicate any acute need for action

- to continue the work on differentiated accident statistics, which a precise analysis of the risk potential and appropriate Safety precautions allowed in sport and recreational boating

Berlin, March 20, 2007

Dr. Guido Westerwelle and parliamentary group

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