Sailing Threatened In The Capital

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Sailing Threatened In The Capital
Sailing Threatened In The Capital

Video: Sailing Threatened In The Capital

Video: Sailing Threatened In The Capital
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Rolling Home Havel 2015 season ends

Folk boats on the Havel. Photo by Sören Hese (

The Spandauer Yacht Club (SpYC) has now put the entire process online under the title of operating permit for the pier. In addition to a reference judgment and the statement from politics, you can also read the complete correspondence with the authority responsible for approving the operation of the jetty of the sailing club - provided that it complies with the official requirements.

Not only are the members of the SpYC shaking their heads so vigorously that they could threaten a whiplash with these requirements. In a letter it says: "In fact, the prohibition of any infrastructure on the jetties combined with the prohibition of self-sufficiency of electricity on the boats (e.g. by means of solar collectors) amounts to a ban on cabin boats the chairman or other executive board members."

Now even the Berlin Sailing Association is asking supraregional help. In an appeal, the association asks for written submissions to the Spandau district office:

"Now the SpYC on November 28, 2016 a Deadline until 2016-12-12 has been set for the hearing, the Berlin Sailing Association calls on all sailors to express their displeasure, their criticism, their objections and comments about this arbitrary administrative measure, which in our opinion is completely excessive and lacking any sense of proportion

District Office Spandau of Berlin Mr. Holger Pipper Carl-Schurz-Strasse 2/6 13597 Berlin to sen

(alternatively 13578 Berlin (P. O. Box, no street).

Refer to the following reference number: AZ 6795 / 07-042-Sch-20

Experience has shown that written entries are more effective than e-mails, but an e-mail is better than no utterance at all ([email protected]). Ask for an answer to your letter! It will not be enough if only the association boards contact the district office. All Berlin sailors are challenged here, because if these requirements become the rule, the Berlin sailing scene will change dramatically. A large part of the sailing clubs would not be able to survive cuts of this kind in the water sports that have been practiced in Berlin for more than 100 years.

The BSV does not provide you with any ready-made letters; it announces your prevention of a few houseboats by prohibiting the infrastructure for all 15,000 to 20,000 cabin motor and sailing boats of such little expertise that every sailor has numerous arguments of their own against them Requirements will come up.

The Berlin Sailing Association hopes and expects a protest from our Berlin sailing community that exceeds that of the Müggelsee hearing many times over. Remember the deadline of December 12th, 2016 !!! In parallel to the objections and statements of the Berlin water sports enthusiasts, the Berlin Sailing Association will contact all other affected associations and associations as well as the Berlin press

We ask the association boards to send this appeal to all members as soon as possible!

We will keep you up to date on further developments. Thank you for your cooperation!

Reiner Quandt, chairman for public relations Berlin Sailing Association "

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