Helgoland – Brest: "one Of The Most Demanding Sea Regattas"

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Helgoland – Brest: "one Of The Most Demanding Sea Regattas"
Helgoland – Brest: "one Of The Most Demanding Sea Regattas"

Video: Helgoland – Brest: "one Of The Most Demanding Sea Regattas"

Video: Helgoland – Brest: "one Of The Most Demanding Sea Regattas"
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The sailing comradeship "Das Wappen von Bremen" e. V. (SKWB) is organizing the new offshore regatta Helgoland-Brest in cooperation with the German Touring Yacht Club e. V. (DTYC). The international regatta start on September 17th, 2017.

"It was time for a new sailing challenge," says Michael Rapp, SKWB chairman. "The well-known high-sea regattas have existed for decades, and nothing new has been added! Helgoland-Brest immediately becomes one of the most demanding high-sea regattas in terms of length and route."

The participating ocean-going yachts sail 700 nautical miles within a maximum of five days.


The approximate route from Heligoland to Brest

The regatta leads across the open North Sea, through the English Channel, one of the busiest straits on earth, and will touch German, Dutch, British and French waters. In addition to the high traffic density within the sea area, the participants will encounter a tidal range of up to twelve meters and a tidal current of up to eight knots. In addition, the beginning of autumn with storms and fog can present the participants with further challenges.

The organizer expects a field of six yachts.

The participants in the regatt will bid farewell in the early evening of September 15, 2017 in Bremen. The annual race of the deep-sea sailors from Hamburg and Bremen around the "Ansgar chain" will take place this year as part of Helgoland-Brest. At the same time, Helgoland – Brest is this year also a feeder regatt for the Atlantic Anniversary Regatt (AAR) of the North German Regatt Association (NRV) from Hamburg, which starts on November 25, 2017 from Lanzarote.

The regatt will be evaluated according to time on time offshore. With the appropriate participation, the race committee will divide yachts measured according to ORC International into groups, which will be evaluated according to the ORC Club. The safety category will be Isaf Cat 2.

A detailed tender and sailing instructions can be found at www.skwb.de.

Interested parties can turn to this contact.

North-South cooperation

The SKWB and the Deutsche Touring Yachtclub e. V. (DTYC) announced the beginning of a long-term cooperation at the beginning of the year. The aim of this partnership is the joint promotion of sailing training in the fields of youth, deep sea and regatta sailing, seamanship and the joint preparation and implementation of regattas.

The DTYC, which is based in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg, focuses on the promotion of regattas for every age group in carefully selected boat classes. The club's offer ranges from "Opti" to current dinghy classes, sport boats and traditional classes. The DTYC is the host of numerous national and international championships and can also look back on numerous successes at the Olympics and in the German sailing league.

The SKWB, based in Bremen, offers ideal conditions for sailing on the high seas with its ocean-going yachts "Wappen von Bremen" and "Bank von Bremen". During long journeys as well as national and international sea regattas, the focus is on practical training and learning how to be a seaman. Destinations are on all continents and also in the Arctic. The SKWB can look back on a long tradition of trips, which have been awarded the coveted prizes for offshore sailing.

The chairmen of the clubs, Wolfgang Stückl, Christian Teichmann, both DTYC, and Michael Rapp, SKWB, are convinced that the core competencies of both clubs complement each other ideally in order to cover the broad spectrum of sailing for the members of both clubs in the best possible way. Both clubs have a large youth department and also in the first sailing Bundesliga sailing, there are excellent starting points for a joint cooperation in the field of education, training and performance sailing.

A crew from both clubs will be sailing this year's Nord Stream Race on Club Swan 50 yachts.

The partnership with mutual hospitality gives the members of both associations a point of contact when they visit, as well as logistical and technical assistance and, in some cases, overnight accommodation (DTYC). It always guarantees free access to harbors or clubhouses, if available, and discounted sailing on the club boats and yachts of the partner clubs.

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