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Many children think that's great with Mamund Papauf Törn. However, the youngsters do not always have fun sailing on their own. Many tips on what parents can do to ensure that the trip is a great experience for everyone can be found in the special in the current YACHT.

The word sailing triggers a variety of associations: space and tranquility. Distance. Let go. A little adventure and romance. But above all rest and relaxation. In this gently swaying ocean of desires, dreams, and hopes, the word children creates a vast maelstrom.

Everything that sailors have in common with their hobby seems to be sucked to the bottom, crushed by these six letters. Children are loud, impatient, and - if not consciously - ungrateful. Children demand attention, they cost energy and nerves. In short, children combine all the qualities that shouldn't really have anything to do with sailing. And yet parents always take their pupils with them on the boat.

A contradiction? Not at all. Because what could be better than sailing to spend intense days with your little ones? In addition, there is often no other way. Because where to take the little ones when Mum and Papa want to go to sea? If grandparents are around, they have neither the time nor the desire for the rascals.

The crux of the matter with children's sailing is that comparisons are made. Without question, it can be a great experience for everyone involved. In any case, it is different from sailing only with a partner or with friends. Also because sport in itself, and especially with children, is associated with certain fears, especially the primal fear of drowning. Sailing with children also stirs up a fear that very few parents are aware of: the fear that the kids might not have fun. Because what is done together on and with the ship is primarily mom and dad's hobby. If the offspring don't like it, they can forget about it. If the daughter or son is not in the mood, they spoil every trip. If fear even sets in with them, the mother's heart will ultimately cancel the next trip.

So it's no wonder that most parents think about how to get their protégés excited about sailing. There are plenty of ideas, tips and experiences on how to get children excited about sailing. Those that have proven themselves in practice are compiled in the current YACHT, from July 11, 2007 at the kiosk.

The topics of the special


counselor Ten tips on how to arouse enthusiasm for sailing among youngsters.

Trips Offers for flotillas with a children's program

Games & fun What keeps young and old happy on board, in the harbor or at anchor

security What parents should pay attention to and what equipment they really need

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