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Student Beats Teacher
Student Beats Teacher

Video: Student Beats Teacher

Video: Student Beats Teacher

Dean Barker probably can't hear it anymore. Whenever he duels with Russell Coutts, the old story of the final team at the America's Cup 2000 New Zealand against Prad is dug out. Skipper Coutts left it to his protégé Barker to steer out the decisive 5-0. Since then, Barker has had to politely emphasize how grateful he is to his mentor for this.

He had almost stepped out of its shadow. Before the 2003 Cup, he defeated Coutts twice on an international match race tour. But then he went down in the annals of the America's Cup as a tragic figure. He had no chance against Alinghi. The 0-5 clap could have gnawed at his confidence, but obviously it isn't.

Proof of this is his recent success at the Congressional Cup off Long Beach. He defeated Russell Coutts 2-1 in the final at the weekend and earned praise from the champions. "The better won," said Coutts, who was back at the start with Jes Gram Hansen and his Danish crew. "We had our chance too, but we didn't deserve the win. Dean sailed superbly all week. He was just a little hotter than us."

After all, the shot Alinghi skipper could console himself with a semi-final win against Chris Dickson. In the new edition of the Louis Vuitton Cup, he defeated the BMW Oracle Skipper 2-1. For his part, Dickson beat world number four Mathieu Richard from France 2-1 in the small final.

Dean Barker sailed with his new tactician Terry Hutchinson, who was signed for Team New Zealand. The American has already won the prestigious Congressional Cup twice. 1992 as skipper and 2003 as tactician for Ken Read.

The Briton Chris Law, who started with a crew from Team Shosholozam, also did well for a long time. In a preliminary round match he outclassed Coutts by giving him four penalties. But in the end he missed the semi-finals and ended up in sixth place.


1. Barker (NZL, cash prize: $ 10,000) 2. Coutts (NZL, $ 5,700). 3. C. Dickson (NZL, $ 4,800)4. Richard (FRA, $ 4,400). 5. Lindberg (FIN, $ 3,800)6th Law (GBR, $ 3,000)7. Presti (FRA, $ 2,700)8. Nordbjerg (DEN, $ 2,300), 0:35; 9. Larson (US, $ 1,900)10. S. Dickson (US, $ 1,500

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