ARC: "Annemare" In St. Lucia

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ARC: "Annemare" In St. Lucia
ARC: "Annemare" In St. Lucia

The "Annemare" sailing over the ARC start line in front of Las Palmas / Gran Canaria

The "Annemare" is one of four yachts for which the ARC is / was only a prelude to larger projects. Just like the "Strega", the "Windflower III" and the "Viva", Friedrich Cornils' Hallberg Rassy will sail around the world within the World-ARC within the next two years.

As the first of the ships closely observed by the YACHT, the "Annemare" made this morning after 16 days and 20 hours on St. Lucifest. Here is a short report on the situation of skipper Friedrich Cornils (67), who sailed across the Atlantic with his son Martin (40) and his future son-in-law Frederick (23):

"Dear sailing friends, "annemare" has done it (we are a little too), she hastoday on wednesday 12.12.07 at 6:00 UTC, which corresponds to 7:00 o'clockGerman time or 02:00 local time in RODNY BAY on ST. LUCIAfixed

unfortunately the landfall was in the night we had just no more calm to wait for the morning. the whole port wasbrightly lit and celebrated everywhere. we too were withfireworks and typical caribbean punch

the last days at sea were mixed with dream sails up to 7 bft with mountains of waves and terrible rocking, so that cooking was only possible to a limited extent.

on monday we almost have our blister with the best sailing weather lost, the fillet seam tore along its entire length and we had torescue him from the water. maybe the little gust was 5 bft. toa lot, we'll have it repaired on martinique. a pleasant oneexperience was our subsequent fishing success (we are currently catchingalmost daily, but lose time every time), a golden mackerel from121 cm length

we already had Creole for a change chickens on land are happy, but first have to run out of fish stocksrecycle in the refrigerator.a review of this 1st major stage of Annemare's circumnavigationwill follow in the next few days.friedrich cornils "

The YACHT will continue to accompany the four German ships at World-ARC and report on their experiences again and again.

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