"Hippopotamus" Celebrates The Mountain Festival

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"Hippopotamus" Celebrates The Mountain Festival
"Hippopotamus" Celebrates The Mountain Festival

Video: "Hippopotamus" Celebrates The Mountain Festival

Video: "Hippopotamus" Celebrates The Mountain Festival
Video: The Aces with Winston Francis & Delroy Williams - Hippopotamus 2023, June

The "Hippopotamus" still has to cover around 1300 nautical miles across the pond during the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. To honor the mountain festival, halfway across the Atlantic, Sönke Roever came up with a special kind of reporting. Read for yourself:

"Days at Sea: 11 So far nautical miles: 1442Nautical miles to the destination: 1309Sails: Passat sailsWind: O 5Speed: 6.7 knotsCourse: 255 degreesEtmal: 144 nautical mile

Halftime! Tonight at three o'clock, referee WETTER has blown the first half of the game SY HIPPOPOTAMUS against ATLANTIK 07. Numerous fans who have dressed up for this mountain festival have so far seen a great encounter in the PASSATZONE-ARENA. But now about the course of the game: Due to the bad foul by FLAUTE in the second third of the first half of the game, WETTER lets play 25 nautical miles, so that the half-time whistle only sounds in the 1375th nautical mile. While the SY HIPPOPOTAMUS team spends the break in the cockpit cabin with tiramisu prepared overnight, ATLANTIK 07 is gathering its strength at sea. Trainer OZEAN will certainly speak clear words to his attackers SQUALL, STURM and WINDDREHER, that they have so far taken far too little action.

Before we take a look at possible tactical measures for the second half, let's first look back at the last 300 nautical miles of the first half. Because it got very turbulent on the salty-blue square. After a double change by coach FLODHAEST, PASSATSEGEL and FOCK, who have been playing very well up to now, leave the field early and make room for SPINNAKER and GROSS, who should actually be spared for the cup game against INSELHOPPING next month. While GROSS is playing very quickly, the services of SPINNAKER leave too much to be desired for the time being. At first he forgets to put his jersey on properly and comes out on the field completely devoured, whereupon referee WETTER whistles him back again.

Which immediately leads to an argument between coach FLODHAEST and substitute player WHO HAS PACKED THE BAG. In the second attempt, SPINNAKER unfortunately overlooks the egg timer trap cleverly set up by the opposing HALSE and BOEE and theatrically wraps himself around his teammate FURLEX-VORSEGELROLLANLAGE several times before he goes to the ground after some hectic back and forth. Referee WETTER immediately shows SPINNAKER the yellow card after this swallow and also admonishes the player STEUERFEHLER, who was not completely uninvolved in the action.

When a few minutes later the opponent AERGER WITH THE MATERIAL falls out of the frame and SPINNAKER quasi as revenge for the swallow with an evil spinnaker tree end fitting-opens-by-itself-and-gives-the-sheet-free-check from the legs fetches, the emotions boil up again. The game is about to tip over. Nevertheless, trainer FLODHAEST keeps his nerve and gives the controversial SPINNAKER another chance. He is allowed to finish half-time. Rightly so, he then delivers some passable surfs and pushes his team well for more than seven hours.

After a minute of mourning for the recently deceased Libero BASILIKUMBAUM from the SY HIPPOPOTAMUS team, the second half of the game is now underway. SY HIPPOPOTAMUS has changed again. SPINNAKER and GROSS are spared again, but now PASSATSEGEL and FOCK storm again. In addition, the defense was strengthened by ANGEL RAUS WIR WOLLEN SUSHI - a player on loan from Japan. On the other hand, the line-up has not changed, with the players STARKWIND and WELLENSTOERUNG already warming up on the horizon. Be that as it may, the earth is round and a jibe takes a few seconds. We'll stay tuned!"

Anyone who wants to find out more about Roevers-Reise can do so at: www.hippopotamus.de

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