Commodore Helmut Bellmer Dead

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Commodore Helmut Bellmer Dead
Commodore Helmut Bellmer Dead

Video: Commodore Helmut Bellmer Dead

Video: Commodore Helmut Bellmer Dead
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Although the Cuxhaven resident handed over the chairmanship of Trans Ocean to Bernd Luetgebrune, the former radio officer and honorary chairman was never absent. The history of the well-known network-like cruising sailing association Trans Ocean is inextricably linked with that of Helmut Bellmers.

Honorary Chairman Bellmer died on November 1st. He was buried in silence, only with his family. Luetgebrune: "It all happened very quickly, and the way you actually want it. On the morning of the day he died he was still shopping". Of course, "his" association will be remembered at the upcoming general meeting. Just like at the subsequent annual meeting of the Verins members, at which the winners of the "Transocean Medals" and the "Trance Ocean Prize" are honored, high awards for outstanding sailing achievements during the year.

The association mourns its honorary chairman. On his website he writes: "His constant concern for the safety of seafarers runs like a red thread through the life of Helmut Bellmer; be it professional shipping, sea rescuers, fishermen or - what we have always particularly welcomed and valued - the Sport boatman.

If you look back, after the Second World War, when it came to the reconstruction, we find the radio officer first class Helmut Bellmer. Very early on he recognized the importance of the radio service for security. In 1949 he became a volunteer rescue worker with the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS).

In addition, he actively campaigned for the approval of Heligoland. From 1950 to the end of 1951 he was a radio officer on the control ships of the "Heligoland Control Officer", with the task of clearly reporting the island to the occupying forces for bombing. With all sorts of "tricks" - he always stated - he was often able to provide for a "technical bombing break". After the island was released in 1952, he volunteered to be the post office manager. During his five years on the island, he was again a volunteer rescue man on the permanent crew of the rescue cruiser stationed there.

From 1957 to 1967 he was, with an interruption, the only "maritime radio test officer" in Kiel. His task there was, among other things, on behalf of the Seeberufsgenossenschaft (SBG), the acceptance of marine radio stations and radio safety tests on ships that are required to be equipped. To increase safety in the fishery, he advocated radio equipment for coastal fishermen. Bellmer also looked after the rescue cruisers of the DGzRS in terms of radio technology and became a specialist advisor for their respective radio equipment.

In 1967 Helmut Bellmer came to Cuxhaven and became operations manager of the coastal radio station "Elbe-Weser-Radio". In the same year, the DGzRS awarded him the Silver Badge of Honor for his work. At that time there was no sailing yacht that was already equipped with VHF. For years he then campaigned for radio training for sport boaters in his free time. Thanks to his commitment - one can justifiably claim - today it is hard to find yachts without radio equipment. As a lecturer on radio safety, he was welcomed by many associations, sailing clubs and the pilot brotherhoods. At the German Sailing Association he was appointed to the board of the “cruiser department” as radio officer.

In 1984 Helmut Bellmer was awarded the "Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon" for his services to the DGzRS and his work at "Trans Ocean". After all, he had been a member of "his club" since 1970, as he always used to say.

In 1988 the Commodore from "TO" was one of the founders of the "Sail Training Association Germany". After handing over the chairmanship of the "Trans Ocean" association to his successor in February 2005, he was unanimously elected honorary chairman. It was also he who brought the former lightship “Kiel” with him to Bremerhaven and supervised the installation of the radio systems on the ship, which had been converted into a barque “Alexander von Humboldt”. In the following years he went there regularly on individual trips as a radio officer.

Since 1989 Helmut Bellmer was chairman and commodore of the association "Trans Ocean".

For the participation of the members in offshore regattas, in coordination with the board of directors, he was happy to procure emergency radio transmitters - at that time "EPIRB devices", each with the latest technology - from the regatta participants of the association "TO" - and also from other offshore sailors borrowed and has always proven itself.

After 50 years of membership, the DGzRS awarded him the Golden Badge of Honor in 1999 for his selfless commitment to the safety of human life at sea.

For the “Trans-Ocean” association, Helmut Bellmer was both a win and a “lucky hit”. "Trans Ocean" was his "child", he tirelessly made his work available for this association. He stood his ground until the end, his workload was enormous and his enthusiasm unbroken. After his time as deputy chairman, he was available as chairman of the association for 17 years.

In Helmut Bellmer, the sailing scene has lost an official with exceptional expertise. The members of the "Trans Ocean" association and many people from Cuxhaven have lost a good friend. Our condolences go to his family, especially his dear wife Friedel and his two daughters. We are all deeply affected and will fondly remember Helmut Bellmer. We will miss Helmut Bellmer. Fare well Helmut.

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