Skippers And Yachts Should Be Registered

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Skippers And Yachts Should Be Registered
Skippers And Yachts Should Be Registered

Video: Skippers And Yachts Should Be Registered

Video: Skippers And Yachts Should Be Registered
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So now after all: Contrary to all previous announcements, the grand coalition is working on the introduction of a register for yacht and owner data. The nature of their approach causes outrage.

On the sailing day in November, Klaus Grensemann, Ministerialrat from the Federal Ministry of Transport, assured coram publico that "no legal tightening" was planned for water sports enthusiasts such projects at the time already on the way.

The Federal Council's printed matter 722/07, dated October 19, contains a draft law "to amend the maritime transport regulations", according to which, in addition to numerous other data, the following data may be collected:

• "the identification features of a sports vehicle (name, type, year of manufacture, nationality number, other official or officially recognized number"

• "the identification features of the owner, operator, charterer or driver of a ship or sports vehicle (family name and first name or name, address)"

• "Information on the persons on board (family name and first name, gender, date of birth, nationality)".

The project only became public after the draft law was due to be submitted to the Bundestag Transport Committee (printed matter 16/7415). A member of the committee told YACHT online: "This is the legal basis from which a registration obligation is derived."

As recently as July, the federal government had decided on a tendency towards a sailor-friendly procedure under the heading “Strengthening the attractiveness of water tourism and water sports” (Drucksache 16/5416). Although it says there that the introduction of mandatory labeling should be “examined, with great importance being attached to the bureaucratic and financial aspect” - however, “practice should always be in the foreground when new regulations are drawn up”. There can be no question of that with the new legislative proposal.

The creation of a corresponding register is not only valid for the German Sailing Association as a "preliminary stage to boat taxes, TÜV or the like". Even the registration and issuing of the corresponding license plates is likely to involve additional bureaucratic and financial effort for the owner.

The opposition is angry about the plans and the way of proceeding. Patrick Döring, spokesman for European transport policy of the FDP parliamentary group, explains in a press release published today under the heading “Central register for pleasure craft on the way”: “While the federal government has repeatedly asserted to the public and to me that it is mandatory to register for pleasure craft in the sea area was not planned, a corresponding change in the law was secretly smuggled into the Bundestag. In addition to numerous other data in passenger and freight traffic at sea, the identification features of sports vehicles and the respective owner, operator, charterer or driver should be recorded centrally and forwarded to the Federal Police, among other things. I would say that this can legitimately be called a registration requirement.

Incidentally, the law also mentions the registration, only marginally official or officially recognized license plates of sports vehicles forSee - apparently the decision for the introduction is in the ministrySo already pleased with a labeling requirement

Once again the federal government tries with deception and tricks to introduce additional regulations for recreational shipping. TheFor me, however, this measure does not make sense in terms of security policyrecognizable. Moreover, in the upcoming mass of data (becauseAll 29 million passengers and at least should also be recorded280 million tons of freight) would be almost impossible anyway, reallyrecognize relevant information in good time. "

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