DSV Training Center In Kiel

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DSV Training Center In Kiel
DSV Training Center In Kiel

Video: DSV Training Center In Kiel

Video: DSV Training Center In Kiel
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The German Sailing Association (DSV) has opened its first central training location for competitive sports in Kiel-Schilksee.

As a result, the training of the national and junior squads will now concentrate on two cities: for the Olympic disciplines one-handed, high performance and surfing on Kiel and for the Olympic disciplines two-handed and keelboat on Rostock-Warnemünde.

After intensive consultation, the responsible DSV committees decided in favor of these two areas because they best meet the criteria of "wind safety" and "wave area", which are essential for top training.

The symbolic starting shot for the Rostock-Warnemünde base will be given on May 20th.

"This is an important day for competitive sailing," said DSV President Dierk Thomsen in Kiel, "because we can now work more efficiently."

DSV Vice President Emil Steinke was also convinced of the new concept: "Our sport is based on experience and comparison. We need the central locations so that the athletes can train in homogeneous groups."

The cadre sailors can now optimize their performance together every day. In principle, all national coaches are active on site - they are replaced by fee coaches for regattas and external trainings.

This means that top athletes are offered continuous support. In the past few years, the German sailing elite had trained at different locations.

The athletes' personal center of life should also focus on Kiel and Rostock. In order to make it easier for athletes from other federal states to make the leap north, the German Sailing Association, in cooperation with the Olympic base in Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein, has concluded cooperation agreements with the local universities, performance centers and schools for training appropriate for competitive sports.

In principle, the intensive support at the central training locations should start after graduation and, if possible, continue until the A-management status is reached. Ideally, 50 to 60 cadre sailors would train per location.

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