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Alinghi On Eurosport
Alinghi On Eurosport

Video: Alinghi On Eurosport

Video: Alinghi On Eurosport
Video: 1994 to 2019: 25 years of Alinghi and more to come! 2023, May

Eurosport and Alinghi have agreed on a groundbreaking collaboration to bring Alinghi to a wider audience: the 32nd America's Cup defender produces the weekly magazine "Inside Alinghi" with Eurosport

It is broadcast on Wednesdays and repeated on the following days. The first broadcast date is May 11, 2005. The series ends with the last race of the America's Cup match in June 2007.

Alinghi wants to continue to live up to its pioneering role in terms of media work and public image by hiring a full-time and in-house cameraman. The cameraman follows the team during daily training, sailing and races.

In one week today, 102 million households in 54 countries across Europe, West Russia, North Africa and Israel can take a look at the personalities behind the Swiss team for the first time. "Inside Alinghi" shows weekly interviews, special features, allows an exclusive look behind the scenes and accompanies team members in their daily work.

The audience should feel what it is like to work for the winning team. You go on board virtually and watch the maneuvers that make these sailors the best in the world. But Team Alinghi is not just made up of sailors - the sailmakers, the design team, the land crew and everyone else who should help achieve the goal: to win the 32nd America's Cup are also presented.

"Inside Alinghi" prepares viewers for the climax of 2007 - the year of the final duel for the America's Cup - and Eurosport will also start broadcasting monthly Alinghi programs from 2007 onwards.

"The interest Eurosport has shown in our team is proof of the growing popularity of the America's Cup and Team Alinghi," said Patrick Magyar, Co-General Manager of Alinghi. "We are convinced that the stories about our team will not only be very entertaining, but also very instructive."

Laurent-Eric Le Lay, General Manager of Eurosport, said: "The agreement with Alinghi is a real partnership. Alinghi and its partners will have access to more than 260 million Europeans who watch Eurosport. And Eurosport is strengthening its position as the number one. 1 sport and sailing channel in Europe through the alliance with the world's number 1 sailing syndicate: Alinghi."

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