Pole In Pole Position

Regatta 2023
Pole In Pole Position
Pole In Pole Position

Video: Pole In Pole Position

Video: Pole In Pole Position
Video: Charles Leclerc's Pole Lap | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Pirelli 2023, May

It has been a long time since victory in the Grade 3 Match Race on the Zingster Strom went abroad. Normally, the amazement of the international participants about the mini match race arenas in Germany only subsides after they have already been eliminated.

This was mostly what happened to the Pole Przemek Tarnacki. For many years he was seen from time to time at one of Ursul and Udo Optenhögel's events. And he almost always dropped out early

But he is persistent and patient. And that year he also upgraded his crew. He brought compatriot Piotr Przybylski on board, who was trained for a long time by match race world champion Karol Jablonski and is now looking for a job as a professional sailing ship. He will soon complete a trial training session with the Chinese America’s Cup team.

With the professional, the Fortune also came to the Sportin600 from Tarnacki. He won the preliminary round confidently and defeated there, among others, the German champion Andreas Willim and eliminated Carsten Kemmling 2-1 in the semifinals.

Only in the final did he seem to have found his master. The young Londoner Christian Hamilton was a favorite because he sailed confidently until the final duel. But then he had a dropout in the pre-start phase of the jump-off after a win and a defeat.

Entangled in a duel, the two crews huddled close under land. After touching the ground, the Pole came up with the folding rudder blade. He managed to get out of the tricky situation while the Englishman maneuvered deeper into the silt.

One of its crews jumped into the water and pushed, but the ship recovered too late. Tarnacki sailed towards a safe victory and won 2-1.

Carsten Kemmling was also able to win the small final with 2: 1 against the Dane Rasmus Viltoft.

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