Women's Crew Attacks Again

Regatta 2023
Women's Crew Attacks Again
Women's Crew Attacks Again

Video: Women's Crew Attacks Again

Video: Women's Crew Attacks Again
Video: The Raw Women’s division strikes back against Absolution: Raw, Dec. 11, 2017 2023, May

"We missed sailing", the girls of the former "Trost", one of the most successful Bénéteau 25 in recent years, openly admit. 1999 German champion, 2001 runner-up in the Maior regatt and the Kieler Woche, 2003 winner of the Berlin Senate Prize on the Wannsee.

The five ladies around taxwoman Suzanne Willim turned their heads in the scene. Then came the babies, three in number, the last in January 2005. Now it's back on track for the title, with all-woman power for a men's product.

The new sponsor of the former consolation crew is "Kemt Men Bodycare", the new men's body care series from the long-established Dutch cosmetics brand Kemt.

"To combine our affinity for sailing with the marketing concept, to have a men's grooming series staged by an all-women crew, is particularly appealing to us," said the new sponsor's statement. As a customer of the Trost Group, he has followed their commitment and that of the ladies over the past few years.

In addition to the successful crew of yore - Suzanne Willim, Christine Wolff and NinSchwall - Charlotte Jaekel and KatharinAhrens are on board. The young mothers and successful sailors will have their first acid test during the Kiel Week from June 18 to 26.

The story: In 1998 the Kiel Yacht Club bought four boats of the Bénéteau 25 type. The sporty 7.80 meter long standard class was to establish itself on the German regatta fields.

One of the Bénéteau 25s leased the Kiel sailor Suzy Willim, née Pudenz, and gathered further female sailing skills: NinSchwall, née Hartkopf, orthopedist from Kiel, won a. Swan Worlds 2000 and AntiguRace Week 1997 for cruisers / racers, as well as Christine Wolff, née Dircksen, medical student from Kiel. She was second in the Swan World Cup before Sardinia in 2002 and second in the IMS European Championship in 2001.

With the name of their sponsor "Trost" on their torso, they quickly taught the predominantly male competition to fear. Seven years after the start of the standard class, the Bénéteau 25 is one of the most popular boat classes in Germany and is being discovered by more and more successful dinghy sailors such as Niklas Gansauge, Florian Spalteholz, the Schwall brothers, Kai and Uwe Mares, NikolBirkner, Bernhard Krüger and Lucas Zellmer.

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